You can craft and start a campfire in Project Zomboid by placing a campfire kit, adding fuel and lighting it with ripped sheets and a lighter.

Craft Campfire

  1. You can craft a Campfire Kit with 3x Planks of wood + 1x Ripped Sheets.
  2. Next place your campfire by right clicking the ground and selecting “Build a Fire”.

Light Campfire and Add Fuel

  1. The easiest way to light a Campfire is with Ripped Sheets + Lighter. Just have these items in your inventory, right click the campfire and select “Light Fire”.
  2. Add Fuel to the campfire to extend its duration. You can use wood (planks, logs, branches etc), clothes, ripped sheets and books.

If you accidentally get caught on fire. As long as you have a filled water bottle in your inventory you can quickly right click yourself and extinguish the fire.