Join the Ragnarok Mobile Ruri’s Secret November Event and make use of discount refine.

This event is available in both SEA and Global. However there is a significant difference between what’s available in each server. Exclusive server events noted below.

Check out the Discount Refine Cost table.


Love In This Life [SEA Only]31 Oct - 1 NovGift
Ruri's CakeNov 1st - Nov 8thEat Cake
Ruri's Secret [Beat Poring]Nov 1st - Dec 1stHammer Porings
Original Will Gift BoxNov 5, 2020 - Nov 12, 2020BCC Shop
Ruri's Secret Date [SEA Only]Accept:
Nov 5, 2020 - Nov 19, 2020
Nov 10, 2020 - Nov 26, 2020
Ruri's Sign-in Mission [Global Only]Nov 5th - Nov 26th5x Daily Quests
Shop DiscountNov 11th - Nov 16thBCC Shop Discount
Merchant Discount
Refine Discount
Wedding Discount
Free TP + Storage
Cupid's TrialNov 12th - Nov 19thGem Donation
Yoyo BandNov 12th - Nov 19thQuest
Mysterious MerchantNov 12, 2020 - Nov 19, 2020Gift Event
Merchandise #1 [SEA Only]Nov 12 - Nov 15Purchase goodies
Merchandise #2 [SEA Only]Nov 15 - Nov 19Purchase goodies
Divine Blessing of Thanatos [SEA Only]Nov 19, 2020 - Nov 26, 2020BCC Shop
Thanksgiving GalaNov 26th - Dec 1stKill Giant Peco Peco
Black Friday Madness [SEA Only]Nov 27,2020 - Nov 30, 2020BCC Shop

Love In This Life [SEA Only]

Event Date: 31 Oct – 1 Nov

During the event, everyone on the server will receive Lovers Giftbox x3 via in-game mail.

Lovers Giftbox: Open to receive

  • Gold Medal x4
  • Sealed Rune Pack·Ⅰ x4
  • Valkyrie’s Gift x2

Ruri’s Cake

Event Duration: November 1st – November 8th

Ruri [Iria] is sharing her delicious homemade cakes with adventurers in Prontera Plaza… Hmmm, is there some special meaning by her baking cakes this time?

  1. During the event, players can eat Ruri’s Cake once to obtain lots of rewards and one stack of [Iria’s Warm Regard].
  2. All three characters of the same account can consume the cake to obtain [Iria’s Warm Regard].
  3. Rewards are limited to each account and can only be obtained once per day.

Ruri’s Secret [Beat Poring]

Event Duration: November 1st – December 1st

  1. During the event, the “Beat Porings” button will appear in “Hot Points” in the game interface. Tap them to enter the event interface;
  2. There are 8 random rewards for each round of Tap Poring comprised of Small Porings +1 extra reward of Big Porings. Use small wooden hammers to attack the Porings and gain rewards.
  3. After obtaining the reward for all Small Porings of the round, you will automatically obtain the Big Poring reward.
  4. There are 4 rounds of Beat Porings in total, and you must complete rounds consecutively. After obtaining the rewards of one round, the next round will be automatically unlocked.
  5. Conditions to unlock the purchase of small wooden hammers using Zeny:
    ①There are still Small Poring on the interface that haven’t been smashed.
    ②Time: 11/1 5:00~12/1 5:00
    ③The available number of hammer purchases is reset each day.

Original Will Gift Box

Event Date: Nov 5, 2020 – Nov 12, 2020

During the event period, Big Cat Coin Shop will be selling the item Original Will Gift Box for a limited period of time for 15 Big Cat Coins.

Open to receive Oracle Crystal x6, Oracle Dust x 4

There is also a 25% chance to receive Heart-shaped Crystalx1 to redeem exclusive costumes.

Heart-shaped Crystal can be used to redeem:

  • (3 to redeem) Happy Unicorn,Original Will·Poring Balloon,Prontera’s Guard
  • (1 to redeem) Love Cake,Poring Garland,Future Mirror

Ruri’s Secret Date [SEA Only]

Quests can be accepted Nov 5, 2020 – Nov 19, 2020
Quests can be completed Nov 10, 2020 – Nov 26, 2020

Ruri had been very distracted lately, as if she’d been hiding a secret. Her good friend Ruby was very worried, so she decided to investigate secretly.

After a series of investigation, she found out that Ruri got into online dating, and her new beau is… a Yoyo!

  1. During the event, Adventurers with a Base level of 12 and above can go to Prontera Square and look for Ruby to receive Ruri’s Secret series of quests.
  2. There are 5 quests in 5 days, and for every quest completed, you will be rewarded with Iria’s Thank-you Gift x1
  3. Finishing the 5th day quest will award you with an extra limited headwear blueprint Skyfall Will x1.

Ruri’s Sign-in Mission [Global Only]

Event Duration: November 5th – November 26th

Iria has been absent-minded recently. It seems like she’s hiding a secret. Her friend [Ruby] is rather worried about her, and has decided to make a secret investigation for [Iria]’s sake and eliminate any hidden threats!

After several investigations, it turns out that Iria has been dating someone online, and the person is… A Yoyo!

During the event, adventurers with a Base level equal to or greater than 12 can go to Prontera Plaza to receive the [Ruri’s Secret] missions from [Ruby].

There are 5 missions in total, and for each one completed you will receive [Iria’s Thank-you Gift] x1 Complete all 5 to receive the limited headwear blueprint [Depraved Will] x1.

Shop Discount (Mount Discount Coupon)

Event Duration: November 11th – November 16th

In order to celebrate his success in finding a partner on Singles’ Day, [Lupin], as Big Cat Chief Band Commander, has decided to use his authority to hold a limited-time shopping party for adventurers!

  1. 50% off some items in the B Coin Store during the event!
    – Products that have already been discounted are excluded.
    – Currency items are excluded.
    – For unlimited purchase items, the discount applies to 10 only. This limit applies to each account.
    – During the event, the [Black Cat Treasure] is on sale for 328 Big Cat Coins (limited to 1 per account).
  2. 50% off all event merchant items during the event! -For unlimited purchase items, the discount applies to 200 only. This limit applies to each account.
  3. During the event, 50% off Normal Refine Zeny and 20% off Safety Refine Materials, Zeny and equipment
  4. During the event, 50% off wedding costumes
  5. During the event, teleportation and storage is free of charge. [Black Cat Treasure] includes: Open [Black Cat Treasure] to receive Freyr Coin *30

Cupid’s Trial [Gem Donation]

  1. During the event, adventurers can go and find Cupid [Phil] in Prontera Plaza to receive different rewards depending on the amount of Gems donated.
  2. The amount of Gems [Phil] requires each day differs. Players can only donate each type of Gem once per day.
  3. 2 types of Gems can be donated per day.

Event Duration: November 12th – November 19th

Yoyo Band

[Lupin] is super happy that he was able to find a partner before Singles’ Day, so he’s brought his buddies to come and beat gongs and drums in Prontera Plaza in celebration of his success.

  1. During the event, [Lupin] will lead his buddies around Prontera Plaza. After speaking with [Lupin] multiple times, adventurers can choose to [bless] him or [beat] him. Regardless of your choice, you will receive [Love Foul Gift Box] x1.
  2. Character-restricted.

Event Rewards: [Love Foul Gift Box]: Open to obtain

  • [Furniture Gift Voucher] *6
  • [Big Cat Voucher I] *6
  • [Oracle Dust] *6
  • [Oracle Crystal] *4
  • [Small wooden hammer] *1.

Event Duration: November 12th – November 19th

Mysterious Merchant

Event Date: Nov 12, 2020 – Nov 19, 2020

  1. During the event, a Gift button will appear in the New Event. After clicking it, you can participate in the Mysterious Merchant’s Gift event.
  2. After you meet the conditions, valuable items will be unlocked for purchase with hot-selling products being at least 20% off.
  3. All items purchased from Mysterious Merchant are account limited

Merchandise (Nov 12 – Nov 15) [SEA Only]

  1. Mora Lucky Bag: Cost 400,000 Zeny (purchase limit 5)
    Unlocks the following tier of merchandise after 5 purchases. Open to receive Mora Coins x20.
  2. Bear Mora Goody Bag: Cost 20 Big Cat Coins (purchase limit 30)
    Unlocks the following tier of merchandise after 5 purchases.
    Open to receive Mora Coins x100 with 0.1% chance of receiving 1x Cute Bear headwear
  3. Ready-To-Burst Mora Goody Bag Cost 2,000,000 Zeny (purchase limit 1)
    Open to receive Mora Coins x200.

Merchandise (Nov 15 – Nov 19) [SEA Only]

  1. Oracle Gift Box Cost 400,000 Zeny (purchase limit 5)
    Unlocks the following tier of merchandise after 5 purchases
    Open to receive Oracle Dust x5, Oracle Crystal x5
  2. Big Kitty Oracle Gift Box Cost 30 Big Cat Coins (purchase limit 30) Unlocks the following tier of merchandise after 5 purchases.
    Open to receive Oracle Dust x30, Oracle Crystal x30 with 0.1% chance of receiving returning mount Gem Duke x1
  3. Oracle Gift Box Unable to Shut Cost 2,000,000 Zeny (purchase limit 1)
    Open to receive Oracle Dust x50, Oracle Crystal x50

Divine Blessing of Thanatos [SEA Only]

Event Date: Nov 19, 2020 – Nov 26, 2020

For a limited time, Divine Blessing of Thanatos will be sold at 30 Big Cat Coins each, limited to 60 purchases per account.

Gift Pack Details:

  • Open to receive one of the following items: God’s Bliss Chest x1, Arcane Treasure x1, Abyss Box x1, Passing The Cassette Glory x1
  • 12% chance to receive one of the following items: Mini Gryphon Monster Egg x1, Valkyrie Crown x1, Valkyrie’s Wings x1, Blazing Rune Shadow x1, Wisdom Light Key x1, Broken Sanction x1, Broken Nightmare x1, Cursed Scar x1, Depraved Glow x1, Abyss Whisper x1, Rotten Sleep x1, Moonlight Nightmare x1
  • 0.1% chance to receive one of the following items: Valkyrie Rathgricy Card x1, Tesseract Card x1, Mentalist Card x1, Runemaster Thanatos Card x1
  • 0.25% chance to receive Angel Snow Feather x1

Thanksgiving Gala [Limited Time Drop]

  1. Between 20:00 and 22:00 each day during the event, [Giant Peco Peco] will appear in the desert.
  2. Kill [Giant Peco Peco] for a chance to drop [Delicious Meat Chunk 1000119] (daily drop limit: 150 per account)
  3. Collect [Delicious Meat Chunk] and exchange them for lots of Thanksgiving rewards.

Event Duration: November 26th – December 1st

Black Friday Madness [SEA Only]

Event Date: Nov 27,2020 – Nov 30, 2020

Extract Light Treasured Chest is up for sale at 25 Big Cat Coins each, purchase limited to 50 per account.

Open it to receive:

  • Extract Light Crystal x5-10
  • 20% chance of receiving Extract Light Weapon Selection Giftbox.