This Ragnarok Mobile High Wizard Guide forms part of the comprehensive build guide that covers everything you need to know for progressing through the Mage job tree.

Congrats on making it this far. This is where your farming potential starts to shine. Meteor Storm is the key. It has both massive AoE and huge damage. However it will require a bit of setup.

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The Meteor Storm Setup

Here’s a little checklist of what you’ll need:

  1. Unlock T2 Aesir Monument – You can do this straight away
  2. Meteor Storm and Fire Pillar Rune Path – 160GM + 66,900CP is needed to Max Meteor Storm and Fire Pillar
  3. No Cast Meteor Storm Guide – Requires New Equipment (More on this below)
  4. Unlimited SP Guide – Requires Cards and Sohee Pet (More on this below)


Before Meteor Storm
As per usual, allocate all points into Int. Any remainder can go to Dex for cast speed.

After Meteor Storm
To maximize your farming speed you will want instant cast meteor storm. Aim for as much Cast Time reduction as you can with your gear then make up for any difference with Dex. Any left over points can go into Int.

Need more details? Head over to our No Cast Meteor Storm Guide.


As a High Wizard you will have a total of 70 Skill points to allocate (30 From Job Breakthrough).

Job Level 1-40
Napalm Vulcan
5-7**Single Target Ghost Dmg
Amplify Magic Power
10Offensive Buff
Safety Wall
10100% Melee Dmg Reduc
Stone Curse
5Marsh Pond Pre-Req
Marsh Pond
10AoE Crowd Control Slow
Job Breakthrough Level 41-70
Amplify Magic Power
20Offensive Buff
Energy Coat
10Defensive + Offensive Buff
Marsh Pond
20AoE Crowd Control Slow
**Aim to 1 Shot Eggyra. Typically Lv. 5-7 Napalm Vulcan is required. Use Ymir's Notebook to make adjustments.

What to do with spare points?
You will have a bunch of spare skill points (even more if you no longer need Napalm Vulcan). Feel free to spend them however you wish.


EquipmentCrafting MaterialsCrafting/Loot

Lich Staff [1]
(Weapon - Staff)

Orleans's Server
(Off-hand - Shield)

Coif [1]
-Dark Lord

-Owl Baron

Angry Snarl
-Goblin Leader

Devil Wings

Robe of Cast
-Upgrade from Mage Coat
ragnarok mobile staunch cape
Staunch Cape
30x Topaz
308x Hard Skin
25x Gold Sand

Staunch Shoes
-Vagabond Wolf

Orlean's Gloves

Int Earring
-Sograt Desert Rift

The above set is for a No Cast Meteor Storm build. Most of it cannot be crafted so it may take a bit of time to collect/purchase each piece.

Not ready for Meteor Storm?
Just stick with your existing Wizard gear and farm with Napalm Vulcan.

A few things to note:

  • Lich Staff can be replaced with Wizard Staff once you no longer need the additional CT Reduction.
  • INT Earring can be replaced with Eye of Dullahan.
  • Staunch Boots can be replaced with Crystal Pumps.
  • Wizard Staff, Eye of Dullahan and Crystal Pumps provide set bonuses
  • As a Warlock you may replace your Orlean’s Server for Sacrifice Book. This will trade CT Reduction (which you will no longer need) for more damage.


  1. Use Incubus Card (Headgear) and Eggyra Card (Footgear) to improve SP Regen
  2. If you don’t need the SP Regen, Sealed Apocalypse Card (headwear) and Familiar Star Card (Footgear) can be used for more damage.
  3. Agav Card is a top choice for armor.
  4. Zipper Bear Star Card is an all round top tier card for accessories.
  5. Size Modifiers do not apply to spells. Instead pick Element/Race modifier cards for your weapon.

Find the right cards for your farming needs. Browse our card list.


Get a Sohee Pet and max its Ice Ode skill for +10% SP Regen.


MonsterLevelSizePropertyWeakness(Base+Job Exp)/HPNotable DropsSuggested Location
Eggyra61MFormless/GhostGhost0.056Evil HornPayon Cave 1F
Injustice85MUndead/ShadowFire0.011BriganGlast Heim Culvert
Sting87MFormless/EarthFire0.014Necklace Of OblivionGlast Heim Culvert
Anolian89MFish/WaterWind0.012Armor ShardGlast Heim Culvert

Farming Eggyra

You can farm Eggyra until your Meteor Storm setup is ready.

Steps to help you 1-Hit Eggyra:

  1. Deposit a Marionette Card for +10% Napalm Vulcan Damage.
  2. Use Piercing Staff/Wizardry Staff
  3. Allocate all stats into Int.
  4. Int Meal
  5. M.Atk Food (Original Will-Juice)
  6. Peco Peco Egg Card
  7. Mao Guai Card

Steps to help you maintain SP:

Farming Sting

The above location in Glast Heim Culvert will allow your Meteor Storm to hit Sting, Anolian and Injustice. Yup, you can target and farm all three!

You can stay in this spot until Warlock. Or stay even longer as it’s also a great spot for farming with Chain Lightning.

You will roughly be between Base Level 70-105 as a High Wizard.

Once you hit Job Level 70, it’s time for Warlock!

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