Draft a strong deck with the best Artifact cards in Lost Ruins of Arnak board game. Use this tier list to help you get more wins.

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Artifact Tier List

S Tier: The Best Artifact Cards

There are 3 stand out Artifact cards in Lost Ruins of Arnak, with Star Charts taking the top spot:

  • Star Charts
    Pay 1 Gold = Activate 2 Campsites (3 value)
  • Stone Key
    Move 1 idol back to player board (2 value). If you don’t use the idol it could potentially be an extra 4VP.
  • Guardian’s Ocarina
    Return 1 Archeologist back to your board (3 value if you explore Lv. 2 Dig Site but it will cost you a travel icon). Travel tokens count as plane for this round.

All 3 of these options are flexible in the sense that you’ll have options over what resource to be rewarded. They all offer 2+ value in resources. You’ll also get 2VP!

A Tier: Still Very Good

These items give just as much value (2-3 value) in terms of resources but aren’t as flexible, some are even random and only give 1VP:

  • Guiding Skull
    Pay 1 Compass = Get reward of top tile of Lv. 3 Dig Site (3 value – random)
  • Pathfinder Sandles
    Relocate Archeologist to Campsite (2 value – flexible)
  • Inscribed Blade
    Research with Arrow or 2 Tablet discount (2 value – semi-flexible)
  • Sundial
    2 Tablet or pass for 1 Gem (2-3 value – semi-flexible)
  • Idol of Ara-Anu
    Research with Gem discount (3 value)
  • Pathfinder’s Staff
    Relocate Archeologist to Campsite or Lv. 2 Dig Site (2-3 value – flexible but costs 4 compass)
  • Guiding Stone
    Get reward of top tile of Lv. 2 Dig Site (2 value – random)