This Auto Chess 4 Knight Glacier build compensates for the lack of AoE crowd control often associated with standard 6 Knight compositions.

The inclusion of Siren helps this build fare better against durable physical damage eg. Warrior builds, which has typically been one of the more difficult lineups for Knights.

Desperate Doctor
Evil Knight
Fortune Teller
Frost Knight
Hell Knight
Lightblade Knight
Pirate Captain
Soul Reaper
0( 2 / 9 )
2( 2 / 6 )
4( 4 / 6 )
1( 1 / 1 )
0( 1 / 6 )
4( 4 / 6 )
2( 2 / 4 )
1( 1 / 1 )
0( 1 / 9 )
0( 1 / 6 )
0( 1 / 4 )

Glacier Knights was a popular choice during the Auto Chess Invitational 2019 Tournament

Build Highlights

Attack Speed
Glacier synergy helps boost the damage output of your build. It also helps your crowd control pieces get their skills off faster.

Knights can be quite weak in the early game. The Preist synergy will help preserve your HP should you lose rounds/lose streak.

Crowd Control
Pirate Captain, Siren

Warlock Synergy, Soul Reaper

Armor Reduction
Egersis Synergy


Main DPS
Your primary source of damage will be your Lightblade Knight. You will want to stack your damage items on her and aim upgrade her to 3 Star for the late game.

Build Substitute
Should you be facing a heavy magic damage lineup, consider building towards 6 Knights instead for the extra shield chance.

Piece Substitute
Pirate Captain can be subbed out for Dark Spirit should you be lucky enough to roll one.


For positioning, place your pieces towards the back of the board. This will give your Knights more time to generate their shields.

Grouping all your pieces together is one option. However you may want to split your pieces (example above) to help deal with large crowd control/damage skills (especially important against an enemy Dark Spirit).


Stack all your offensive items onto Lightblade Knight. You should aim for at least a Frantic Mask and Mealstrom/Mjollnir. Crystal Sword/Dragonbone Ballista is also nice to have.

Hell Knight is your primary tank, place all your defensive items on him. Heart of Tarrasque is a great option. Heaven’s Gift and Jade Pipe are great items for against physical/magic respectively.

Aim for Orb of Refresh on your Siren. It is very good for slowing down physical damage opponents.

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