Here’s how to beat Stormterror in Genshin Impact. There’s only two things you have to watch out for. Dragon Breath and Lava Floor. Deal with these and the battle should be easy.

1. Dragon’s Breath

  1. Stormterror will fly down and launch a swoop attack. This doesn’t deal much damage. Just strafe to the side to dodge or just tank it.
  2. When Stormterror perches on the platform look at the direction its head is facing.
  3. Move to the opposite side of where the head is facing to avoid the Dragon’s Breath. It deals a lot of damage!
  4. Now attack the claw to break its shield.

2. Dealing Damage

  1. Once the shield is down Stormterror will collapse. Climb up its neck and deal your damage.
  2. Apply your elemental combos. Try to avoid tapping your character switch button too quickly. It can cause you to glitch and fall through the neck.

3. Fireballs

Stormterror will launch fireballs towards you. There’s a bit of tracking but just keep moving and you should be able to evade.

If you take a few hits it’s not a biggie, you’ll survive.

4. Lava Floor

Well it’s not really lava but you need to stay off it nonetheless. Standing on these platforms with blue cracks will deal damage over time to your character.

Move from one platform to the next. Make sure to ride the wind high enough so you make it to the next platform. If you fall don’t worry you’ll respawn.

Keep going until you find a platform without the blue cracks. You can then continue to fight Stormterror.

That’s it. You’ll probably have to take its shield down again to deal more damage. Just stay away from that Dragon’s Breath and you’ll be fine.