This Ragnarok Mobile Warlock Guide (Chain Lightning Build) forms part of the comprehensive build guide that covers everything you need to know for progressing through the Mage job tree.

Alright so you’re finished with Peak Shards and your first Job Breakthrough. Now that you are Job Level 70 it’s time to transition to Warlock.

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Whether you’re farming with Meteor Storm or Chain Lightning just allocate enough Dex so that you have instant cast then pump the rest into Int.

You should have enough stat points to max Int, have enough Dex for instant cast and have a bit left over for a bit of Vit.


Below are skill allocations for the Warlock Chain Lightning farming build. (For ET we recommend a Tetra Vortex build to one hit MVPs).

Chain Lightning is typically the go to skill for farming as a Warlock. It deals Wind Element magic damage and can hit multiple enemies.

However note that it takes considerably more M.Atk to be able to farm efficiently with Chain Lightning. You should stick with Meteor Storm if you lack the damage needed to one shot whatever you are farming.

Note: Job Level 41-60 will require Job Breakthrough – Death Breath currency

1Chain Lightning
10Multi-Target Wind Dmg
2Elemental Enhancement
10Offensive Buff
3Recognized Spell
5Fast Reading Spell Pre-Req**
4Fast Reading Spell
5Reduce Cast Time
**Recognized Spell can be used to increase Dmg at the cost of increased SP consumption.

The above skills will suffice for your farming setup. Feel free to spend your remaining spells however you wish. For a general idea here are a recommended few options:

  • Level 10 Recognized Spell – For additional Dmg (Useful in ET as you don’t have to worry about SP sustainability as much)
  • Level 6 White Barrier – Immune to all Dmg except for Ghost (Great defensive spell for ET)
  • Level 5 Statis – Stops enemy from using skills and auto attack (Great AoE Crowd Control for ET).


Unlike with No Cast Meteor Storm the focus here will be M.Atk.


Wizardry Staff
(Weapon - Staff)
Upgraded from Piercing StaffVarious

Sacrifice Book
Upgraded from Magic Bible Vol1Various

Coif [1]
Dark Lord
Sealed Apocalypse Card
(Ignore M.Def +10%, Def +40)

Epic Spirit-Lightning
300 Nibelungen Shard

Angry Snarl
Goblin Leader

Devil Wings

Robe of Cast
Upgrade from Mage CoatAgav Card
(M.Atk +5%. When the wearer is a Mage, M.Atk +3%, Max HP +300, Max SP +150)

Natto Kig's Manteau
Loli RuriWild Rose Star Card
(Int +2, FLEE +5)

Crystal Pumps
SpashireFamiliar Star Card
(M.Atk +3%, M.Atk +20)

Orlean's Gloves
PhreeoniZipper Bear Star Card
(Hit +10, Atk +3%, M.Atk +3%)

Eye of Dullahan
Orc LordZipper Bear Star Card
(Hit +10, Atk +3%, M.Atk +3%)

A few things to note:

  • If you have 2x +12 Eye of Dullahan use them both, otherwise stick to 1x Orleans Glove and 1x Eye of Dullahan.
  • If you find you are lacking SP Regen, substitute in Incubus Card (Headgear) and Eggyra Card (Footgear).
  • Wizardry Staff can be upgraded to Wizard’s Power via Weapon Synthesis.
  • If you have them the Windperch Drake or Golden March are great Gacha tail options.
  • In terms of garments Natto Kig’s Manteau or anything with the Arcane 4th Enchantment (+M.Atk 2%-8%) is good.
  • Epic Spirit-Lightning is superior to Monocle due to its bonus Wind Dmg (However as such is only effective when used with wind based spells). It can be quite pricey to craft due to the required 5x Mastela Fruit.
  • Zipper Bear Star Card is an all round top tier card for accessories. However depending on the monster type there may be more superior options.

Find the right cards for your farming needs. Browse our card list.


Certain refine levels will give your Warlock bonus stats. Here are some key equipment refinement milestones to aim for:

  • Aim for at least +5 for your accessories as there is a “hidden” refine bonus damage multiplier (You can read more about it here).
  • +10 Wizard’s Power (M.Atk +5%)
  • +10 Robe of Cast (Ignore M.Def +5%)
  • +10 Sacrifice Book (When Ignore M.Def > 60%, +3% M.Atk)**
  • +12 Eye of Dullahan (Ignore M.Def +5% and CT Variable -5%)
  • +12 Crystal Pumps (M.Atk +2%)

**Sacrifice Book 60% Ignore M.Def Requirement
It’s pretty easy to meet this check (The below gear totals 75% Ignore M.Def!):

  • Sacrifice Book (30%)
  • +10 Wizardry Staff (20%)
  • Sealed Apocalypse Card (10%)
  • Sealed Apocalypse Card Deposit (2%)
  • +10 Robe of Cast (5%)
  • Energy Coat (5%)
  • Wizardry Staff VIII + Robe of Cast VIII + Eye of Dullahan VIII + Crystal Pumps IV Set (3%)


Here is a list of recommended enchantments to aim for:

SlotEnchantment4th Enchant
WeaponM.Atk +40
Int +10
Dex +10
CastInc Int + M.Atk
Effect CT Reduc 10%
HeadM.Atk +60
Dex +10
FaceM.Atk +60
Int +10
Insight Mx SP% + Int
Effect Ignore M.Def 20%
MouthM.Atk +60
Dex +10
BackM.Atk +60
Int +10
Insight Mx SP% + Int
Effect Ignore M.Def 20%
TailM.Atk +60
Int +10
Arcane Max SP% + M.Atk
Effect M.Dmg Inc 8%
ArmorM.Atk +40
Int +10
Dex +10
CastInc Int + M.Atk
Effect CT Reduc 10%
GarmentM.Atk +40Arcane Max SP% + M.Atk
Effect M.Dmg Inc 8%
FootwearM.Atk +40Arcane Max SP% + M.Atk
Effect M.Dmg Inc 8%
AccessoryM.Atk +40

Off-hand enchantments are introduced in Episode 6


Chain Lightning Bounce
The above rune path costs 166 Gold Medals and 66,000 Contribution Points (it’s only a few gold medals more than what you would have had for Meteor Storm) and will give +15% Damage dealt by each bounce of Chain Lightning.

Link to Rune Builder

Chain Lightning Bounce + Wind Dmg
Next you should aim for unlocking the Wind Dmg Runes. The total cost of the rune path will increase to 258 Gold Medals and 118,050 Contribution Points. Its quite costly but will give you +7% Wind Dmg.

Link to Rune Builder

Have more to spare? Here are more useful runes to unlock:

  • Int, M.Atk, Refine M.Atk
  • Chain Lightning – Concussion
  • Recognize Spell – Proficiency


Stick with the Sohee Pet as you’re going to need that +10% SP Regen. Although the Harpy pet can give +40 M.Atk and +3% Wind Damage you’ll more likely need the extra SP Regen.


MonsterLevelSizePropertyWeakness(Base+Job Exp)/HPNotable DropsSuggested Location
Cramp83SPoison/BruteHoly0.007CyfarGlast Heim Culvert
Injustice85MUndead/ShadowFire0.011BriganGlast Heim Culvert
Sting87MFormless/EarthFire0.014Necklace Of OblivionGlast Heim Culvert
Anolian89MFish/WaterWind0.012Armor ShardGlast Heim Culvert
Cruiser111MFormless-0.034Box WrapperToy Factory 1F
Zipper Bear113MBrute/ShadowHoly0.031Christmas GarlandToy Factory 1F
Fiery Mane120LUndeadFire/Holy0.020Burning HeartMagma Dungeon 1F
Fire Fledgling124MFire/BruteWater0.020Burning HairMagma Dungeon 1F

The above list may look like a lot of choice however it really comes down just 3 sets of options.

  • Glast Heim Culvert (Cramp, Injustice, Sting, Anolian)
  • Toy Factory 1F (Zipper Bear or Cruiser)
  • Magma Dungeon 1F (Fiery Mane, Fire Fledgling)

Can you 1-Hit?
Depending on your M.Atk some of these options may not be viable.

If your Chain Lightning cannot 1-hit any of these options just stick with Meteor Storm farming in Glast Heim as mentioned in the High Wizard Guide.