Ragnarok Mobile Palace of Beauty Update introduces changes Echoing Corridor, Meteoric Chain and Oracle Mirror.

Update set for: Global (22/3/21) and SEA (24/3/21)


Here’s a summary of notable changes:

  1. Echoing Corridor made easier (removed machine room, added refillable Holy Bottle, removed boss room mechanics, new Tarot Room, exit location will now be displayed)
  2. Meteoric Chain replaces Lightning Chain
  3. Palace of Beauty map expanded
  4. Added defensive attribute to Oracle Mirror
  5. Added Auto Skill Bar Switching

Echoing Corridor adjustments

  1. Removed Machine Room
  2. Removed the mechanics of the boss monster room and replaced with a group of monsters with affixes.
  3. Remove the items Clearance Crystal, Elastic Bandage, Double Edge Sword, Valkyrie’s Bless, Valkyrie’s Courage, Valkyrie’s Fury, the above items in the inventory will be replaced Gold Coins of equal value.
  4. New initial items Osteocusis Chip x3
  5. The new initial item Holy Bottle can consume one charge, restore 30% of the maximum HP and 30% of the maximum SP, and the upper limit is three charges, which can be refilled in the Holy Spring Shadow in the Rest Room.
  6. The Holy Spring Shadow is added to the Rest Room, and the adventurer can restore the charge of Holy Bottle after clicking it.
  7. New Tarot Room. Three tarot cards are randomly refreshed each time. Players can spend Gold Coins to refresh the deck. After confirming the deck, randomly draw one from the three cards, or you can spend gold coins to draw again, the discarded cards cannot be drawn again. Tarot cards have different effects, including:
    * Combat Card: battle monsters to get the key
    * Cost Card: accept the debuff effect in exchange for the key
    * Item Card: get powerful tarot items
  8. The location of the exit room will be displayed on the map by default
  9. In the Echoing Corridor, Slayer’s skill Befisu Bring and the compound skills including Befisu Bring are invalid.
  10. Adjustment of loading mechanism: The gold coins consumed by refreshing the store and tarot cards will be included in the save, and will not be returned when loading; the effect of the tarot room will be included in the save, and it will be triggered after entering the tarot room again
  11. Adjustment of the initial Gold Coins
    * 1st floor: 200 gold coins
    * 11th floor: 500 gold coins
    * 21st floor: 900 gold coins
    * 31st floor: 1400 gold coins
    * 41st floor: 2000 gold coins
    * 51st floor: 2800 gold coins
  12. Adjustment of item effects:
    * Energy Crystal (Enhanced): When the skill causes damage, it deals true damage.
    * Strange Speed Pocket Watch (Enhanced): Increase equipment attack speed
    * Magic Barrage (Enhanced): Increase the stun time
    * Ultimate Gloves (Enhanced): Cast interval is reduced
    * Arcane Codex (Enhanced): Skill cooldown and skill delay reduced
    * Piggy Bank (Enhanced): the number of gold coins earned will increase each time
    * Battle Potion (Effect Change): Every time you enter the combat room, you get damage reduction
    * Holy Secret Drug (Effect Change): After use, it will remove the one’s own debuff and be invincible for several seconds. The cooling time of the item is 10 seconds.
  13. Adjustment of affix effect:
    * Bounty (New): Takes the initiative to escape, drop a lot of gold coins after killing
    * Thorns (Effect Change): Every time it takes damage, there is a certain chance to stun the attacker
    * Unreal (Effect Change): After chanting for 1 second, players within a certain range around themselves cannot use skills and items for 3 seconds
    * Stare (Effect Change): Randomly stare at an adventurer, walk to his side and release the death countdown buff. After the monster dies, it will release a small-scale purification effect to eliminate the buff
    *Dead Words (Weakening): Reduce the buff intensity applied to surrounding monsters after the monster dies
    * Intense Fight (Weakening): Reduce the damage when the monster’s health drops below 50%
    * Tow (remove)

Meteoric Chain and Lightning Chain Optimization

  1. Chain time conversion
    Added a function at Prontera NPC Hokkala Kim, Chain Time Exchange: The buff duration of the adventurer’s Lightning Chain can be exchanged for the buff duration of Meteorite Chain at a ratio of 2:1.
  2. Change of merchandise in the event store
    * Removed Merchandise Lightning Chain
    * Added Merchandise Meteoric Chain with a price of Lightning Chain x2
    * Added Merchandise Meteoric Chain with a price of Zeny x 100,000
  3. Added Buff on/off control
    * Added on/off switch on the Lightning Chain and Meteoric Chain icons on the buff column, for the option of starting/pausing the buff.
    * All Chain buffs share a switch state
  4. Replaced the majority of Lightning Chain rewards to Meteoric Chain
  5. Removed the weekly usage limit of Lightning Chain
  6. Removed the item usage CD of Lightning Chain and Meteoric Chain, added batch usage. Can be stored in Sharing Storage and Homeland Storage.

Content Update

  1. Opened the second floor of the Palace of Beauty
    Destruction Emblem* Adventurers need to complete all the treasure chest rewards on the first floor of the Palace of Beauty (including the collection of Destruction Emblem), and then go to the Blooming Land to interact with the Gate of Alfheim to activate the quest Explore the Palace of Beauty. Complete the quest to enter the 2nd floor.
    * The adventurer who had opened the 2nd floor will not be able to enter the 1st floor. The adventurer will face the crazed Kavahir, try to defeat him
  2. Unlocked a new chapter in the main storyline
    * Adventurers who have reached Base level 150 and have completed the second phase of the main story chapter 3 Oath of Light and Stars can receive the third phase of the main storyline in Eclage.
    * Adventurers who have reached Base level 150 and have completed the third phase of the main story chapter 3 Oath of Light and Stars can receive the fourth phase of the main storyline in Eclage.
    * Complete the main quest Nightfall Decision to open up a new main storyline
    * Go to Eclage to find Claire to carry out Moment for Decision, the story of the Glorious Domain will continue to unfold
    * The prophecy from Mimir brings new hope to adventurers. However, the maliciousness hidden in the dark is slowly clarifying, and what awaits adventurers will be unprecedented crises and challenges…
  3. The Oracle Mirror Update
    1) Optimization of the filtering of the Oracle Mirror list
    * The filtering method is adjusted from the current (weapons, headwear, armor, etc.) types to (Attack Abstract, Defense Abstract).
    2) Oracle Mirror can activate an additional defensive attribute
    * Added attack tag/defense tag identification for the extracted equipment
    * After extraction, only one extraction attribute of the same type can be activated at the same time, that is, one attack attribute and one defense attribute
    3) Added 22 new extractable equipment as follows:
    * Midgards Bag
    * M.Def Fairy
    * Cardo[1], Cardo[2]
    * Luetz Energy Rune Armor, Luetz Energy Rune Armor[1]
    * Deathcat Cape, Deathcat Cape[1]
    * Mithril Metal Armor, Mithril Metal Armor[1]
    * Deathcat Armor、Deathcat Armor[1]
    * Meteorite Armor, Meteorite Armor[1]
    * Doflamingo Cape, Doflamingo Cape[1]
    * Angelic Protection, Angelic Protection[1]
    * Duff’s Cape, Duff’s Cape[1]
    * Static Shield, Static Shield[1]
  4. Added Ninja and Doram artifacts
    * The reward of Prontera 3 is changed from Spear Artifact Fragment to Prontera 3 Artifact token, which can be exchanged for Eternal Spear/Shuriken Artifact Fragment.
    * The reward of Geffen 3 is changed from Hammer Artifact Fragment to Geffen 3 Artifact token, which can be exchanged for Mjolnir/Cat Grass Artifact Fragment
    * Shuriken Artifact Fragments are added to Prontera Artifact token
    * Cat Grass Artifact Fragments are added to Geffen Artifact token
    * Added Shuriken/Cat Grass Artifact Showcase in the Guild Artifact Room
  5. Ancient Relics Update
    1) Add 4 pieces of Ancient Relics: Haborym’s Fire Jade, Chlosel’s Shield, Gamygyn’s Talisman, Hill’s Wing
    2) Increase the CD of equipping Ancient Relic: the CD is 30 seconds, which means the Ancient Relic cannot be replaced within 30 seconds after being equipped
    3) Modify the special entry of the Elf’s Piccolo relic: from [variable casting timeis always 0], adjusted to [variable casting time is always 0, and fixed casting time -50%]
  6. 6. Cryptura Academy adjusted to shared channel
    1) After maintenance, adventurers in Cryptura Academy will be able to see parallel adventurers on different channels on the same server, free to team up and chat, and receive all world channel chat messages from current channel and other main cities.
    2) When there are too many people in Cryptura Academy, it may not be possible to meet each other. You can try to team up with friends in Cryptura Academy and follow them (the follow action in a main city will not lead to a channel switch) and then you can meet your friends without any hiccups!
  7. Adventurers with a Base level of 150 can go to Selda Hailar in Eclage to receive the Minstrel Quest Star Bridge and Mission or Origin of Pixies.
  8. Two new Singra Master Box missions have been added to Eclage. After completing the missions, you can get new wing rewards Floating Light Feather and Elf Guardian Wings. Go explore!
  9. Equipment Refinement’s new function: one-key +4 refining of equipment
  10. Preparing For Elites Skill Optimization
    * Ymir’s Notebook will also save the list of skills in the Preparing for Elite
    * Support viewing the list of Preparing for Elite skills through Ymir’s notebook
    * Support viewing the list of Preparing for Elite skills of other job classes through the multi-class panel
    * If there are skills in the list of Preparing for Elite skills that are granted by cards/equipment/runes, when they are removed, the corresponding skills will be grayed out in the list. When they are restored, the skills will be highlighted in the list again and take effect
  11. Auto-skill Bar Optimization
    * Activate auto-skill bar switching function at level 121
    * During automatic battles, the currently chosen auto-skill bar will be used.
  12. Support making and tasting dishes in the Adventure Handbook
  13. Added Doram’s Rosa Knight Costume costume series
  14. Added a purchase limit display in the monthly Premium interface.
  15. When the rune fusion NPC Bein and Rune Box perform rune smelting and other related operations, you need to use the security code
  16. Palace of Beauty Optimized to prevent lagging: Added escape function
    * The escape function will be activated after obtaining Brooke
    * Click on Brooke’s profile picture to use the escape function. The escape function will send the adventurer to the initial point of the room, which can be used at most once every 20 seconds (to prevent getting stuck in the box)
  17. Destiny’s Promise Server Thanatos Tower Dungeon adds a blessing effect: the Blessing of the Glorious Domain
    * Blessing in the Glorious Domain: Max HP +20000, Max HP +20%, Physical and Magic Attack +1200, Physical and Magic Penetration +20%
  18. Echoing Corridor Weekly reward description optimization: Combustible Knife[1] and Stick of Wicked Thought[1] in the reward will be displayed as a random drop
  19. Ninja skill Ninjutsu – Thousand Shadows Adjustment: Adjusted from “Skills learned by the original” to “Skills in the original’s skill bar (including automatic skill bar and manual skill bar)”
  20. The MVP Seed of Yggdrasil in the Floating Star Rock area will now drop the item Floating Dream Quantum, and the MVP Soul Player will drop the item Colorless Tear.
  21. Avatar Display Optimization in Offline Battle Mode
  22. Added a new upper limit for obtaining Magic Gear Fuel for Blacksmiths, the daily limit for obtaining Magic Gear Fuel through monster drop is 2000, and there is no longer a storage limit.
  23. Added Adventurer Coin and Freyr Coin store rewards
    * Added special wing appearance Gold Four-winged Valkyrie to the Adventurer Coin Shop, the price is Adventurer Coin x500
    * A special two-person mount Popo the Snail has been added to the Freyr Coin Shop, priced at Freyr Coin x888
  24. Skills and other adjustments
    * Chimera★ Card Effect “Immune to Poison” adjusted to “Poison resistance + 100%, poison attack + 50%”
    * Assassin skill Poisonous Weapon: The probability of poisoning enemies increased from 5% to 20%
    * Additional effect added to the entry Soul Hunting Pact – Star Rune: Soul Depravity – After use, the soul will automatically return and cause an additional damage
  25. Guild Battle Optimization
    * The Emperium will now be affected by Safety Wall and Light Shield in Guild Battle and Final Guild Battle.
    * Fixed the issue that the guild battle Emperium would be affected by Faith Pray
  26. Increase the skill range indicator circle, and currently only support displacement type skills: such as the Chronomancer’s Wormhole, Lina Inverse’s Befisu Bring, Dagger Artifact skill Mystletainn Force.
  27. The maximum number of single purchases in the store has been increased from 999 to 9999
  28. Pet experience potion supports batch synthesis
  29. [High Sound Quality Resource Pack] function is temporarily disabled.

Issues Fixed

  1. Fixed the skill description error of Soul Eater pet.
  2. Fix the issue that the wrong coloration of New Wave Singer – Blues and Techno Geek – Neon are displayed after gender change
  3. Fix the issue that the Einbroch Fields Teleportation Point special effect was shown floating in the air
  4. The map monsters of this week and next week are not displayed in Blooming Land
  5. In the updated GVG dungeon, the adventurer will be returned to the entrance of the dungeon if they went offline and then went back online.
  6. Fix the problem that some adventurers could not complete the 21-day mission Relic Exploration
  7. Fix the problem that Slayer’s Compound Magic cannot be saved in Ymir’s notebook
  8. Fixed the issue where the Slayer’s Compound Magic – Cooldown did not take effect correctly.
  9. Fixed the issue where the movement speed bonus of Slayer’s Befisu Bring – Quick was incorrect
  10. Fixed the problem that the attack skills in the Slayer’s Compound Magic cannot trigger spell critical hit.
  11. Fixed the problem that the skill probability of the Little Savior’s Dragon King’s Rage cannot cause damage to Mini and MVP
  12. Fixed the issue where after learning the Counter Attack-Damage Shield in Aesir Monument, Knight-type classes could not utilize Counter Attack in auto battles correctly as their casting interval is incorrect.
  13. Fixed the problem of repeated display of the Hero’s Adoramus quest
  14. Fixed the problem where the Roderick and Geffgal quest guidance location is wrong
  15. Fixed the problem that Mechanic’s Summon The Pioneer and Madogear License can exist at the same time
  16. Fixed the problem that the skill Warm Breeze will still be triggered when put in Preparing for Elite after replacing the Protecting Wind Rune to one without extra skill
  17. Fixed the problem that the Hiding skill in Preparing for Elites is still grayed out when the removed equipment is put on again
  18. Fixed the issue that Summoning – Ogare does not trigger Dracula card’s effect.
  19. Fixed the issue of abnormal display after opening the backpack equipment enhancing tab during battle.
  20. Fixed the problem that Heart of Fire cannot be repaired with Exquisite repairing shard.
  21. Fixed the problem where after the Bride Corolla is equipped, the character cannot sit down.
  22. Fixed the problem that the teleportation point cannot be used after completing the Blue Bird of Happiness quest in Blooming Land
  23. Fixed the problem where Ninja’s Introduction Manual was showing an incorrect label for equipment upgrade
  24. Fixed the issue where Ninjas were unable to use the Weapon Transmog of Red Fish Flower Bell – Sword.
  25. Fixed the problem that the Goblin Leader Revenant Card is displayed incorrectly in the exchange.
  26. Fixed the problem that after purchasing Kafra Adventure Log, its status will not refresh in real time.
  27. Fixed the incorrect display of acquiring High Fashion Sandals.
  28. Fixed the problem that the target of the Eclage Minstrel version goal did not open and the description was wrong, and changed the base level requirement to 150
  29. Fixed the issue that Merlin’s Time-space Robe cannot activate the effect of the Goibne set
  30. Fixed the issue with wrong display name after Blacksmith-type classes deposited their Mecha.
  31. The MVP Seed of Yggdrasil in the Floating Star Rock area will now drop the item Floating Dream Quantum, and the MVP Soul Player will drop the item Colorless Tear.
  32. Fixed the problem that the characters displayed abnormally after riding the Naughty Corgi mount
  33. Fixed re-login failures after setting the Title
  34. Fixed the problem where monks setting up Finger Offensive to activate Offline Battle mode did not do damage.
  35. Fixed the problem that the Death Awakening skill will still consume the frenzy value when the Death Awakening skill is placed in the Prepare for Elite when there is a rune entry in Darkness Awakening·Star Rune.
  36. Fixed the issue that there’s a chance Ninja-types will not use Ninjutsu – Thousand Shadows in auto-battle.
  37. Fixed the issue with Ninja’s skills All-round Attack being unable to be released if placed in auto-skill bar together with Prepare for Elite.
  38. Fixed the issue with Badr’s Aria having a chance to not take effect.
  39. Fixed the problem where Call Spirits works abnormally in auto-battle.
  40. Fixed the problem where Blazar Trap’s skill effect silence and stun have a probability to not take effect. The description of the skill is adjusted from “Silence and stun enemies within 4 meters of the trap for 15 seconds” to
    “Silence and stun enemies within 4 meters of the trap every second, the trap lasts for 15 seconds.”
  41. Fixed the problem that the skills upgraded through the Origin Book will disappear after resetting the 4th rank skill
  42. Fixed the issue where the version goal of the 3rd chapter of Quest Manual 2.0, Topple the Stone Knight, cannot be completed.
  43. Fixed the issue where the version goal of the 3rd chapter of Quest Manual 2.0, Origin of Help, does not trigger pathfinding automatically.
  44. Fixed the problem that some adventurers could not summon Boss on the 1st floor of the Palace of Beauty
  45. Fixed the problem that the description of the pet Eight-claw General skill effect Ink Jet does not match the actual situation
  46. Fixed the issue where the exchange’s instant purchase content is not displayed after an equipment is favorited.
  47. Fixed the issue in which monk’s Cursed Circle triggered by Indestructibity Rune does not also trigger Gale Lightning – Star Rune’s armor attribute changing effect.
  48. Fixed the problem of abnormal damage caused by the second release of Slayer’s Compound Magic (Drag Slave + Dynast Brass) after triggering infinity
  49. Fixed the issue where guild building that has been unlocked is not displayed when the guild level is 1.
  50. Fixed the issue where the skill MP Potion Cast will continuously be recast.
  51. Fixed the issue where Mitt’s store still sells Assistant Vouchers.
  52. Fixed the problem where skills on auto-skill bar would not be used after Fresh Tuna Rune takes effect.
  53. Fixed the inconsistencies between Pet Adventure and Adventure Handbook monster information.
  54. Fixed the issue where some adventurers obtained Purple Rose Dynasty Outfit Voucher but did not get the achievement nor the avatar frame.
  55. Fixed the abnormality in the Faith and Fate quest
  56. Fixed the issue where photos cannot be uploaded onto the photo display outside the church during the wedding booking period.