Arknights PR-A-2 rewards Defender and Medic Chips. The key to this stage is staying alive in the poisonous fog and dealing with the high RES enemies.

Solid Defense (Defender and Medic Chip Pack) is available Mon/Thu/Fri/Sun

The Setup

Recommended Operator Elite 1 Lv. 50.

This stage is quite manageable with an Elite 1 Lv. 40 squad.

Here are the operators used in this example:

  • 2x Vanguard
  • 2x Healer
  • 2x Sniper (ST)
  • 1x Sniper (AoE)
  • 2x Defender
  • 1x Caster (ST)

We’re focusing on physical damage here. That last caster can be replaced by another ranged physical damage operator.

Phase One

  1. Healer in position (A) facing right.
  2. Vanguard in position (B) facing right.
  3. Vanguard in position (C) facing left.
  4. Healer in position (D) facing left.

Our Vanguards will deal with the early Rabid Hound Pro rush.

Phase Two

  1. Sniper (ST) in position (E) facing down.
  2. Sniper (AoE) in position (F) facing left.

Phase Three

  1. Retreat your Vanguards that were in positions (B) and (C) and deploy Defenders in positions (G) and (H) both facing down. This position will ensure enemies stay in range of our DPS operators.
  2. Sniper (ST) in position (I) facing right.
  3. Caster (ST) in position (J) facing right.

That’s it. The rest is just a waiting game. The final wave will include Sarkaz Greatswordsman Leader and Sarkaz Greatswordsman but they shouldn’t be a problem with all our physical damage.