Drodo adds Rogue Guard, new 5 Cost Legendary Warrior Demon piece to Auto Chess.

Tagged as a Carry, Support piece this new unit has both a passive and active ability. Named the “Crazy Dance”, on activation it provides all Demon pieces +100 Attack for 60 seconds. Additionally its passive deals 50% physical splash damage within 2.5 grids.

Patch Update

Along with the new piece Drodo has added a bunch of new items (many add evasion), updated piece illustrations and nerfed Warriors. Here’s a quick summary of notable changes:


  • New Item: Lucky Coin
  • New Item: Shadow Edge
  • New Item: Cloud Halberd
  • New Item: Heaven’s Gift
  • Change: Infused Mask – Is now combined with Dracula Mask + Dragon Blood Axe (No longer dropped). Effect +10% Regen, +500 HP, Prevent enemy HP regen for 5 secs on hit.
  • New Item: Puppet Mask
  • New Item: Jade Pipe
  • New Item: Ice Armor


  • Pieces no longer invincible when moving less than 3 grids
  • Optimized high-ranking matchmaking


  • Nerf: Warrior Synergy – Armor from 6/13/21 to 6/12/20
  • Temporarily Removed: Skull Hunter
  • Synergy tiers will no longer stack. Instead they will provide buffs as outlined by their tier description. Eg (9) Warrior will provide a total of +20 Armor (Based on the prior rule this would have been +38 Armor). Another example would be with Knights, where as previously Knight Shields could stack. Now only one instance can be activated at a time.