Drodo adds Goddess of Light to Auto Chess, a 2 cost God (Divinity) Priest piece with crowd control and the new Incectoid race synergy to the game.

Auto Chess Team Builder has been updated with the new Goddess of Light piece and Insectoid Race. Plan your new build!

Goddess of Light

Spiritbind (Active Skill)
Imprisons 1 enemy piece for 5 seconds, disarms them and reduces their Magic Resistance by 20%. Pieces are immune to Physical Damage whilst imprisoned.

Insectoid Race

(2) Insectoid
When there are duplicate non-insectoid allied pieces on the chessboard and one of them dies a random Insectoid piece is summoned based on the highest cost among the living duplicates.

Could this make duplicate piece builds more viable? We shall soon see how it affects the meta.

There are currently two Insectoid pieces in the game, Poisonous worm and Lord of Sand.

Insectoid Summoning Chart

Here’s a list of possible spawns that will appear when the Insectoid Synergy is in effect. Looks like it can spawn a piece called Thorn Predator which is not a piece that appears in the unit shop.