Here’s some tips to help you level Fishing, Trapping and Foraging (Survivalist Skills) fast in Project Zomboid.

To level faster read the relevant skill books before you start grinding EXP.

Survivalist Skills

SkillToolsHow to Level
Fishing- Fishing Rod
- Fishing Tackle
- Catching fish
- Higher catch chance during dawn/dusk (4:00 - 6:59 and 18:00 - 20:59)
- Lower catch chance during winter (Nov - Feb)
Trapping- Saw
- Planks
- Nails
- Bait
- Catch animals
- Forest areas are best
- Trap Crate with carrot/cabbage are a good start for catching rabbits (19:00 - 5:00)
- Traps will not catch anything if you are within 75 tiles of the trap
- Check trap every in-game hour
Foragingn/a- Find items via foraging
- Best done during clear day
Watch Life and Living for exp on Fishing (Day 1, 3) Trapping (Day 6) and Foraging (Day 5, 7)

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