Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 adds the Advanced Rune System to the game. Players can obtain, upgrade and activate skill and attribute runes for a variety of powerful effects.

You will need to be at least Base Level 80 to make use of the Advanced Rune System

Unlock Advanced Runes

You should have a quest named “Disaster Omens”. Head to Prontera and speak to Thomasville (See Above).

The quest is quite straight forward. Just follow the prompts and you’ll be fine. Upon completion you will receive the Rune Box.

The Rune Box is an account wide item. All runes obtained are stored here and can be accessed by any of your characters.

Activating Runes

Lets first go over how activating runes work. Open that Rune Box you received. You should now have the Inlaying Rune tab opened.

The circles are your rune slots, select them to place your Runes. The Large Slots are for Skill Runes (improves skills) and the Small Slots are for Attribute Runes (grants bonus stats).

All Skill Runes have to be of a different name ie. cannot slot multiple copies of the same Skill Rune

The Shared Attribute Runes
The center 3 Attribute Runes are shared between Skill Runes. You will need to play around with the positioning of your Attribute Runes to find your optimal placements.

Activating Runes
You must “activate” your runes to receive its benefits. To do so you have to surround your slotted Skill Rune with the required Attribute Rune types.

The 3 Types of Attribute Runes:

  1. Attack (Red)
  2. Defense (Blue)
  3. Buff (Yellow)

You will see 3 small colored circles (Red/Blue/Yellow/White) underneath the slotted Skill Rune. These indicate what types of Attribute Runes are required. The White circles indicate “unrequired” runes ie Any Rune is acceptable.

Once the required Attribute Runes are in place all your Runes will start to glow. You can open the Rune Effect Tab to view what bonuses are active.

You can switch in and out any of your Runes Free of charge.

Obtaining Runes

Alright so how do you get these Skill and Attribute Runes?

The Prontera Rune Shop

ItemRewardPriceWeekly Quota

Faint Rune Stone
Random Class B Skill Rune100,000z10

Smooth Rune Stone
Random Class A Skill Rune250,000z3

Sealed Rune Pack I
Random Attribute Rune100z000z5

Sealed Rune Pack I
Random Attribute Rune2 Glow Metal1

Sealed Rune Pack I
Random Attribute Rune4 Glow Metal2

Sealed Rune Pack I
Random Attribute Rune8 Glow Metal2

Sealed Rune Pack I
Random Attribute Rune1 Gold Medal1

Sealed Rune Pack I
Random Attribute Rune2 Gold Medal2

Sealed Rune Pack I
Random Attribute Rune4 Gold Medal2

Sealed Rune Pack I
Random Attribute Rune400 Contribution Points1

Sealed Rune Pack I
Random Attribute Rune800 Contribution Points2

Sealed Rune Pack I
Random Attribute Rune1,200 Contribution Points2

Purchasing the weekly limit will cost a total of:

  • 2,250,000z
  • 26 Glow Metal
  • 13 Gold Medals
  • 4,400 Contribution Points

BCC Shop

ItemRewardPriceWeekly Quota

Old Rune Box
Choice of 1x Attribute Rune6 BCC10

Glittering Rune Stone
Random Class S Skill Rune15 BCC20

Note: Whether purchased with Zeny or BCC. Skill Runes are random in the sense that they may not be for your class. Not the right one? You can still use it for Precision Smelting (More on this below).

Identifying Skill Runes

Skill Runes need to be identified before they can be activated. You will need Magnifying Glass. They can be purchased from the Item Shop (I use the one in the center of Izlude).

Next, open your Rune Box and switch to the Identifying Runes Tab. Add the Rune you want to Identify and you’re good to go.

List of All Attribute Runes

ATK RunesLv.1 StatDEF RunesLv.1 StatBuff RunesLv.1 Stat
Assault ATK RuneAtk +12
Refine Atk +4
HP DEF RuneMax HP +325
Def +3
STR Buff RuneStr +1
Damage to All Races +0.2%
Damage from All Monsters -0.2%
Armor Breaking ATK RuneIgnore Def +0.8%
Refine Atk +4
Steel DEF RuneDef +0.8%
Skill Dmg Reduc. +0.4%
AGI Buff RuneAGI +1
Damage to All Races +0.2%
Damage from All Monsters -0.2%
Penetration ATK RunePen +0.4%
Refine Atk +4
Shield DEF RuneAtk Dmg Reduc. +0.4%
Auto Attack Reduction +0.3%
INT Buff RuneInt +1
Damage to All Races +0.2%
Damage from All Monsters -0.2%
Destruction ATK RuneDmg Inc. +0.6%
Refine Atk +4
Spiritual Power DEF RuneMax SP +16
M.Def +3
Def +3
VIT Buff RuneVit +1
Damage to All Races +0.2%
Damage from All Monsters -0.2%
Berserk ATK RuneCrit.Dmg +1.6%
Critical +1
Fierce DEF RuneCrit.Dmg Reduc. +1.6%
Crit.Res +1
Auto Attack Reduction +0.3%
LUK Buff RuneLuk +1
Damage to All Races +0.2%
Damage from All Monsters -0.2%
Spirit ATK RuneM.Atk +12
Refine M.Atk +4
Flying Blade DEF RuneReceived Ranged Physical Dmg Reduc. +0.6%
Def + 0.3%
DEX Buff RuneDex +1
Damage to All Races +0.2%
Damage from All Monsters -0.2%
Exorcism ATK RuneIgnore M.Def +0.8%
Refine M.Atk +4
Melee DEF RuneReceived Melee Physical Dmg Reduc. +0.6%
Def +0.3%
Chant Buff RuneVariable Cast Time -1%
Variable Cast Time -0.05 seconds
SP Cost -0.5%
Incantation ATK RuneM.Pen +0.4%
Refine M.Atk +4
Spell DEF RuneM.Def +0.8%
Skill Dmg Reduc. +0.4%
Size Buff RuneDamage to Middle-size Monsters +0.4%
Medium Monster Dmg Reduc. +0.4%
Illusion ATK RuneM.Dmg Inc. +0.6%
Refine M.Atk +4
Magic Crasher DEF RuneM.Atk Dmg Reduc. +0.4%
Auto Attack Reduction +0.3%
Element ATk RuneWind, Earth, Water, Fire, and Ghost Atk +0.6%Element DEF RuneWind, Earth, Water, Fire and Ghost Dmg Reduc. +0.6%
Def +4
M.Def +2
Poisonous Shadow ATK RunePoison Dmg +0.6%
Neutral Atk +0.6%
Evil DEF RunePoison, Dark, Undead, Holy and Neutral Dmg Reduc. +0.6%
Def +4
M.Def +2
Divine ATK RuneHoly Dmg +0.6%
Bonus Healing +0.6%

Skill Rune Smelting

You may have noticed that you’ve ended up with a bunch of Skill Runes your class cannot use. Yup, runes are class specific. If it’s not for your class you cannot use it. However there is a use for them.

The below options are available via the Rune Smelting NPC found in Prontera (See Above).

Advancement Smelting
Spend Any 3 Skill Runes for a chance of receiving a random higher grade Skill Rune. Below are a list of combinations and the probability of the output:

B+B+B60% Chance A-Grade
A+B+B20% Chance S-Grade
A+A+B45% Chance S-Grade
A+A+A70% Chance S-Grade
S+B+B75% Chance S-Grade
S+A+B80% Chance S-Grade
S+A+A85% Chance S-Grade
S+S+B90% Chance S-Grade
S+S+A95% Chance S-Grade
S+S+S100% Chance S-Grade

Precision Smelting
Spend 5 Skill Runes to receive a Skill Rune for your class. The Grade of the Skill Rune rewarded will depend on the input. Each input carries a weight of 20%.

Eg. S+S+S+A+A = 60% Chance S-Grade and 40% Chance A-Grade.

Attribute Synergy
Spend 3 of the same Runes to receive the same Skill Rune with new stats ie Re-roll Stats.

Rune Carving
Change one rune activation requirement to an any attribute rune activation ie Wild Card. This costs a Void Carving Knife which can be purchased from the B Coin Store for 36 BCC.

How To Progress Your Skill Runes

  1. Obtain a bunch of Skill Runes
  2. Upgrade their grade with Advancement Smelting
  3. Use Precision Smelting to obtain your ideal S-Grade Skill Rune
  4. Re-roll for ideal stats

As you can see there are multiple layers of RNG to pass to get your ideal rune. There’s so much rolling it may make your wallet spin.

It’s meant to be a very gradual process so just take your time.

Upgrading Attribute Runes

Attribute Runes can be upgraded to Level 10. Open your Rune Box to the Upgrading Runes tab.

You can use Attribute Runes of the same type as fodder for upgrading your desired Attribute Rune ie. consume same type rune.

Skill Rune Stars

Some Skill Runes you obtain will have star(s) in its icon (See Above). This means either the rune has unlocked its 3rd Stat (Similar to 4th Enchantment) or one or more of its stats rolled high (similar to that pink poring icon from Enchantment).

Check out our Skill Rune Progression Guide