training ground entrance ragnarok mobile

The training ground is a daily quest that no one does. It is where you can die against multiple waves of 5 NPC players.

ragnarok mobile unlock training grounds

Unlock the Training Grounds at level 21.

You can find the Training Grounds in the center of Prontera. Talk to Chars Bont, he’s next to the exchange.

First open up your friends list and realise you haven’t made any yet …

Next try auto-party and realise no one is doing Training Grounds.

Last step. Join Training Grounds solo, get stun locked and die. Realise why no one does training ground. Respawn and continue your farming.

If by some miracle you manage pass all 5-6 waves of Training Grounds (this early in the game) then collect your reward, you deserve it. Congrats, you receive xp and eden coins (pink poring coins)

Tip: You can quickly finish the training grounds with a Training Ground Monster Report ticket. You can purchased these with your meatballs.

Finish training ground instantly, unlock pets and get more meatballs.