The Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact has a big weakness, the Claymore. Use it to quickly destroy its pillars to expose its core.

What You Need

You will need a claymore user for this battle. Anyone will do, they don’t have to be invested into but a bit of survivability always helps.

1. Diamond Form

Just like with the other Elemental Cubes this one will start by floating in its diamond form.

Whilst surrounded by its cubes you cannot deal damage to it so just wait it out.

2. The Pillars

It will spawn 4 pillars which cannot be climbed. Switch to your Claymore user to deal damage to them. They are quite durable and will take forever using any other weapon.

Knocking out the pillar underneath the boss will create an attack opportunity. However you have to be quite quick.

I find it better to just go for any pillar away from the boss. This will give you better vision and allow you to better react to upcoming attacks.

Speaking of attacks. The Geo Hypostasis has 5 to watch out for:

3. Attack One: The Gunner

One of the attacks launches a barrage of projectiles at your character. Go duck behind a pillar to shield yourself.

The projectiles will even deal damage to the pillar. You can attack the pillar whilst behind it with your Claymore. Just try not to break it before the attack ends.

4. Attack Two: Sniper

The boss will turn into a spacecraft and a gold ring will appear around your character. Your will be tracked and blasted. Get ready to dash evade!

5. Attack Three: Shock waves

This is why we want to destroy the pillars. The boss transforms into a pyramid that channels a pillar. Shockwaves will emit from each pillar on the field.

Just keep your distance from the pillars and you should be fine. The AoE is quite large so you can imagine how staying safe can be difficult if there are too many pillars.

5. Attack Four: The Hammer

This is the attack you have been waiting for. The windup is pretty big so you shouldn’t have trouble dashing out of the way.

After the hammer falls the core will be exposed. Use this opportunity to deal damage to the boss.

6. Attack Five: Shower

Portals will open in the sky and rain blocks onto the ground. Just keep your distance and wait it out.

7. Finale

When the boss is low it will spawn 3 pillars. These aren’t as durable as the ones from the beginning. Use your Claymore to attack them.

You will need to destroy all 3 pillars otherwise the boss will regenerate. If you only manage to kill one that’s ok. You’ll have to fight another round but next time you’ll only have to deal with the remaining two pillars.