Armor Synthesis is available from Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6. It allows players to further upgrade their armor into a more powerful form.

The upgrade cost can be quite expensive. If you haven’t completed your Weapon Synthesis you may want to do that first as typically it provides a greater benefit.

How It Works

Head to Al De Baran and find the Enchant Fusion (Magic Furnace). It’s the same NPC for Weapon Synthesis.

Now just select Armors in the drop down filter to view all available upgrades. You’ll notice again that there are pairs of each armor type. One slotted and one not.

Just pick the armor relevant to what you have. You can always slot it later (materials required will be the same).

What You Need

Base Armor
The Armor you wish to upgrade in its final upgraded tier.

Additional Armor
Additional armor which may also require upgrades to reach a specific tier.

Basic + Boss Materials
Many of these basic materials will come from Lighthalzen monsters.

The Boss Materials can be obtained from the new MVP monsters added in Episode 6. There are 3 types in total. Here’s a list of their current prices:

MaterialExchange PriceMVP Drop

Chaotic Metal

Dark Assassin Cross Eremes

Dark Merchant Deje

Warrior's Will

Dark Sniper Devine

Dark Swordsman Cenia

Wicked Heart

Dark High Wizard Katerina

800,000 Zeny

What Happens After Armor Synthesis

Do I lose refinement?
No, your armor will retain its refined level.

What about my enchantments?
You will keep those too.

How about my slot?
Your armor will keep its slot.

Can I use broken armor?
No, your armor must be “clean”. This also means cards and enhancements will be removed before your armor is used for synthesis.

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