ragnarok mobile pet savage babe

Catch Savage Babe and make it your pet piggy. First you will first need its taming item, Sweet Milk. For 100% chance catch rate you will need 3x Sweet Milk.

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ragnarok mobile catch savage babe

Got your taming items? Now head to Payon and find Claudia. Shes the hunter wearing a Smokie Hat. Next to her is a Savage Babe. Select the Savage Babe and use your Sweet Milk. Congrats you have yourself a lil pet piggy.

Note: Try to ensure no one is around when you are capturing it. Whilst the lil piggy is quite strong, should someone manage to kill it before you make your capture you’ll be needing more milk.

Savage Babe Pet Use

When it comes to Pet Labor the Savage Babe is best used for the Arena location. Looking for the best pets for each Pet Labor area? Check out our Pet Labor Guide.