The “GUTS WING” can be purchased with M78 Nebula Costume Vouchers and is available during the Ragnarok M X Ultraman Crossover event.

This tail equipment is especially good for Str or Dex based auto attackers. Eg. For ADL Snipers this is a Best In Slot piece. If you missed out on the Windperch Drake during the Sky Fairy Event this is your chance to get your hands on something even better.

The Stats

What makes this tail equipment so great? The stats speak for itself.

  • Atk +45
  • Atk +3%
  • +30 Atk and +1% Atk when STR or DEX reaches 200

As a bonus it also provides a Deposit Reward of Atk +1% and M.Atk +1%. However since the equipped stats are so great you won’t be leaving this one in your handbook.

How to Get It

ragnarok mobile ultraman event b coin shop

You will need 3x M78 Nebula Costume Vouchers to purchase the GUTS WING. There are 2 methods of obtaining these vouchers.

Method #1

Purchase RO x Ultraman Premium via the B Coin Store. You can buy a maximum of 3 of these. Each one will provide 1x Mini Eleking Monster Egg (Pet), 200x Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath and 1x M78 Nebula Costume Voucher.

Each of these tickets will cost 128 BCC. Conveniently (but probably not coincidentally …) you can purchase a maximum of 3 of these tickets (Account Wide). This provides a guaranteed way of getting the GUTS WING. It will however cost you a total of 384 BCC.

Note: Whilst these tickets are called “Premium” it does not provide the Monthly Premium Bonus

Method #2

The second method is by purchasing “Monsters Wish” also via the B Coin Store. This gift box will provide 2x Cosmic Soup, 50x Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath, 1x Lvl 5 Talent Fruit and a CHANCE of receiving a M78 Nebula Costume Voucher.

That’s right it’s a gamble! It only provides a chance of getting a costume voucher. However each of these gift boxes only costs 18 BCC. But here’s the catch, players (from SEA) have suggested that they experienced a 10% chance of receiving a voucher. This means potentially it could cost you 180 BCC per voucher. But then again it could cost you a lot less.

Availability (Global Server)

The Ultraman Premium can be purchased between 17th July – 17th August. The Monster Wish is available from 15th July – 15th August.

Well those are the two methods. Both require BCC. However it is quite a nice piece of equipment (stat wise for specific classes) and therefore it is not surprising that it is not a F2P item.