Stuck with the Starry Night Quest? Where to find Painting of Sunset, Stone Sword with Golden Hilt, Ambrose and Tammi. However its not just the location that’s giving players trouble.

The quest itself is given to you by Ambrose, a swordsman near the bridge to Izlude in Prontera South Gate. At one point he asks you to find a the painting in Prontera West Gate.

The Sunset Painting Location

The Sunset Painting can be found near the entrance to Prontera on the Prontera West Gate Map (See Above).

The Stone Sword with Golden Hilt Location

The Stone Sword can be found in Prontera South Gate. It is located in the north west section of the map. Prior to the Episode 5 update this area was a bit more hidden.

Growth Plan II

If you are completing this quest as part of finishing Growth Plan II, you may still find yourself stuck.

For characters that have already finished the Starry Night Quest pre Episode 5 update, you may find that after finding the painting nothing happens.

The quest appears to be bugged. What’s meant to happen is that you should be directed to Geffen to continue the quest chain.

A Solution: So how to fix this? You can switch to another character (one that hasn’t completed this quest before). Fortunately Growth Plan progress is shared across characters.

Where To Find Ambrose and Tammi

Still stuck? After heading to Geffen you’ll be asked if you have met both Ambrose and Tammi (See Above). Make sure you have spoken and completed both their tasks.

They will ask you to describe each other:

Ambrose is the Golden Haired Swordsman with a pet Yoyo.
Tammi is the Dark Blue Haired, Swordsman (Swordswoman) with a pet Poring.


The rest should be straight forward. Defeat the Dark Monster Illusion, speak to Tammi, go to Geffen and that’s it. One step closer to completing your Growth Plan.