Arknights 5-7 is a main story battle found in Episode 5. The key to this stage is managing the Frost Drones and using the Jammer.

The Setup

Recommended Operator Elite 2 Lv. 10

This stage can be quite tough. You will want at least Elite 1 Lv. 55 (this is the max for 3 Star Operators) for much of your squad (especially your anti air).

Here are the operators used in this example:

  • 2x Vanguard
  • 1x Vanguard (DP Recovery)
  • 2x Sniper (ST)
  • 1x Sniper (AoE)
  • 2x Defender
  • 1x Healer
  • 1x Guard (Ranged)
  • 1x Caster (ST)

Steward (Caster – ST) makes this run easier. His Elite 1 skill is able to directly target and kill the Frost Drones. Additionally he has a lower redeployment time compared to other Casters like Amiya.

However this example will show how it’s manageable without.

Phase One

There are 3 Frost Drones (highlighted in green above) in this stage. We will need to kill them as they will slow down our operator’s attack speed.

But first we must generate some DP and deal with that initial wave.

  1. Vanguards in position (A) and (B) facing right.
  2. Vanguard (DP Recovery) in position (C) facing right. Any 2 Block Vanguard will do here (Courier is fine).

Phase Two

  1. As soon as you have enough DP drop your Caster (ST) in position (D) facing up (we will retreat this operator as soon as the Frost Drone dies).
  2. Again as soon as possible place your Sniper (AoE) in position (E) facing right (this will slowly kill that Frost Drone to the right).

Make sure to use your Caster (ST) and Sniper (AoE) abilities when they are available.

Phase Three

  1. Sniper (ST) in position (F) facing up.
  2. Sniper (ST) in position (G) facing left. That Frost Drone in the bottom section should be dead now. Don’t forget to retreat your Caster (ST) that was in position (D).
  3. Guard (Ranged) in position (H) facing right. Our Guard and Sniper down bottom will slowly chip away at that bottom Frost Drone.

There will be a bunch of Arts Master A1 (drones) spawning later. But our focus on anti air operators will deal with them nicely.

Phase Four

  1. Defender in position (I) facing right. This will help protect our Guard (Ranged).
  2. Place the Jammer in position (J). It’s mainly for slowing down and stopping the Arts Master A1 drones from lazering our operators up top. Our Bottom section will be fine as it will have heal.
  3. At around 40 Kills you can retreat your Vanguards that were in positions (A) and (B), this will make room for your next two operators.
  4. Healer in position (K) facing up.
  5. Your Caster (ST) should be ready to redeploy in position (L) facing down.

You should now have enough damage on the map to make it to the end of the stage without leaks. The top Frost Drone will be the next one to drop off followed by the last one down bot.

Finally when the Veteran Butchers spawn up top, use your Defender skill to help tank.