Arknights H5-2 is a main story battle found in Episode 5. This stage doesn’t reward materials. It’s more of a bonus challenge that you can complete for first clear rewards.

The key to this stage is making use of the pit holes.

The Setup

The game does not give a recommended Operator Level. However if you are using low star operators you will want a Lv. 55+ squad.

Making use of both push/pull Shift operators eg. Shaw/Cliffheart will make your run much easier.

Here are the operators used in this example:

  • 1x Guard (ST)
  • 1x Guard (Ranged)
  • 1x Defender
  • 1x Healer (AoE)
  • 1x Sniper (ST)
  • 1x Caster (ST)
  • Shaw
  • Cliffheart
  • Lancet-2

You will need 2x Additional Fodder operators. In our example we have:

  • 1x Defender
  • 1x Vanguard

Phase One

  1. Cliffheart in position (A) facing left.
  2. Guard (ST) in position (B) facing left.
  3. Guard (Ranged) in position (C) facing left. This additional damage will help you burst down the left hand side waves.
  4. Healer (AoE) in position (D) facing right.
  5. Defender in position (E) facing right.
  6. Sniper in position (F) facing left. Facing this direction will help against the leaks that pass Cliffheart.
  7. Caster (ST) in position (G) facing right. For defeating the Heavy Defenders.
  8. Shaw in position (H) facing down.
  9. Lancet-2 in position (I) facing left. Mainly to keep Shaw alive.

Phase Two

At 45 Kills retreat your Caster (ST) that was in position (G). We need to do this for the unit limit but also to allow for redeployment time.

At 65 Kills two sets of Arts Guard Leaders will spawn. Your Guard (ST) cannot block them both so we will need to deploy your Fodder to split each wave.

Yes, a Defender in this position will be able to block them both. However depending on your squad DPS you might need the extra damage that a Guard provides.

If you’re using a Guard (ST) like in the example, here’s what to do next.

Place your Fodder as they reach position (J). These operators will die but it should give your operators to burst down at least one of the pairs.

You will need to do this twice. Once for each pair of Arts Guard Leaders.

This is the hardest part of the stage so activate your operator skills to help clear the enemies as fast as possible. A Guard (Ranged) like Midnight is great for this instance.

Once the Arts Guard Leaders fall you can retreat your fodder (if they are still alive). Redeploy your Caster (ST) in position (G) facing right to deal with the last Heavy Defender Leader.