Ragnarok Mobile Comodo update adds Ancient Equip to the game, lets take a look at how you can farm and refine Ancient equipment. But first here’s a few FAQs.


What’s the point of Ancient Equipment?
It serves as a catch up mechanic for new/under geared players.

How is it a catch up mechanic?
Refining and Slotting Ancient Equipment is much cheaper (even f2p can get +15 gears).

Wait does that make my +15 gear useless?
There will be a limited time event during Comodo update launch that will allow you to exchange +15 equip for +15 voucher that can be applied to Ancient Equip of the same type eg Off-hand to Off-hand. +11 to +14 equip will however only give a +10 voucher.

So Ancient Equipment > Old Equipment?
There are two types of Ancient Equipment. Fixed Stat standard Ancient Equipment and Random Stat Superior Ancient Equipment. The random stat can be very powerful and is what makes Ancient equipment the end game goal for players.

Refinement and Enchantments are transferable?
Ancient Equipment Refinement and Enchantments will be transferable to other Ancient Equipment. Additionally you’ll be able to transfer your Old Equip Enchantments to your new Ancient Equip.

How to get Ancient Equip

There are 3 ways of getting Ancient Equip:

  1. Ponape Museum weekly dungeon rewards chest that give Ancient Equipment (both regular and superior).
  2. Exchange 80 Prehistoric Brand – Hero (currency obtained from Ponape Museum) for 1x Superior Ancient Equipment.
  3. Go to Comodo and Equipment Craft regular Ancient Equipment with Comodo materials.

You’ll want multiple copies of your choice of Superior Ancient Equipment until you get your desired random stat roll.

Craft Ancient Equip

Need more Ancient Equip? You can craft it by unlocking the Cloudsea Archipelago Ecopoco Workshop (Comodo Housing System).

Refining and Socketing

The great thing about Ancient Equip is that it doesn’t require multiple copies to repair/socket. Instead it just needs Hearth Ash which can be exchanged for with basic Comodo materials. Just speak to the Gods Treasury (Gear Treasure Chest) in Comodo and choose Material Extraction to craft Hearth Ash.

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