Here are 3 best Crystal Core locations to farm in Genshin Impact. Use this route daily to help meet your condensed resin crafting needs.

Tip: If a Crystalfly manages to escape just teleport away and back to reset its location for another go.

1. Gyun Stone Forest

First Spot
2nd Spot
  1. The first spot is right at the Domain Waypoint. You’ll find 3 Crystalflies that are easily in reach.
  2. Then take the left cave exit (heading west) to find 2 more Crystalfies.

2. Bishui Plain

The next spot is between Qince Village and Mt Aozang. Take the waypoint then walk South East towards a boulder. There you’ll find 2 Crystalfies.

3. Mingyun Village

The last spot is in Mingyun Village. Take the Domain Waypoint and head South. You’ll find a small tunnel with a bunch of ore and 2 Crystalfies.