What does the Arknights Monthly Card get you and is it worth purchasing?

What’s Included

The Monthly Card costs $4.99 USD. It lasts for 30 days and includes the following:

  • Immediately get Orignite Prime x6 (Once Off)
  • Sign in every day for Orundum x200
  • Sign in every day for Emergency Sanity Potion x1

The Emergency Sanity Potion recovers 60 Sanity upon use.

A Bit of Conversion

Total Items
(30 Days)
Value in Orignite PrimeValue in Sanity
6x Orignite Prime6600
6,000x Orundum333,300
1,800 Sanity181,800
Sanity conversion based off 1 Orignite Prime = 100 Sanity

First of all for those wondering why we used a 1:100 Orignite Prime to Sanity conversion rate. Well its roughly the Sanity cap that many beginner players would have.

Your sanity cap will increase as you level. But even at very high levels you’ll only have 30 or so more.

So How Much Is It Worth?

Compared to buying it directly?
Since we paid $4.99 USD for our 57x Orignite Prime. We’ve esentially paid a bit under $0.09 USD per Orignite Prime.

That’s way cheaper than purchasing any of the Orignium packs which would end up costing you at least $0.33 per Orignite Prime (from 3 pack for $0.99 – Yes this includes the once off bonus and is the most worth it pack).

What about in terms of Sanity?
Just the 6x Orignite Prime and 30x Emergency Sanity Potions comes to a Sanity value of 2,400.

You gain 1 Sanity every 6 minutes. That’s 10 days extra sanity or roughly a bit over 30% more than what you would otherwise get in a month.

That’s a lot of progress and even more value if you add in the Orundum that you also get.


Well there’s no doubt that the Monthly Card is one of the best real money purchases you can make in Arknights.

This isn’t surprising though. Typically timed packs gives the best value in Gacha games. The downside is that you’ll have to wait to reap its full benefit.

But should I buy it?
Well that’s entirely up to you. If anything Arknights is very F2P friendly and on top of that its PvE. So no rush, go at your own pace … and save that money for skins haha~