Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 adds the Homeland Housing System to the game. Players can purchase a house and decorate it with craftable furniture for a variety of buffs and stat attributes.

You will need to be Base Level 70+ to accept the quest.

Unlock Homeland Housing

Upon Episode 6 you will notice a new quest “New Home’s Hope”. This is the quest for unlocking the Housing System.

Head to the marked spot (See Above) in Prontera to begin the quest chain. The tasks are quite straight forward and are mostly completed in Prontera.

Finish the quest to receive your Furniture Bag and a bit of Plateau Wood. You’re now ready to buy your home!

Purchasing Your House

Speak to Ferrut (See Above). If you just finished the unlocking quest she should be right in front of you.

Purchasing your house will cost 1,000,000 Zeny. However this can be reduced by 100,000 Zeny for each Reward Voucher you have.

You can earn a total of 5 Reward Vouchers, reducing the cost to 500,000 Zeny.

Tip: You can accept all voucher quests before heading out.

Reward Voucher Quests

  1. Desert’s Magic – Collect 50x Muka Juice (Muka – Sograt Desert)
  2. Forest’s Nutrition – Collect 50x Willow Leaves (Elder Willow – Payon South)
  3. Soul Fire – Collect 50x Soul Shards (Horong – Payon Forest)
  4. Elven Power – Collect 50x Phosphorus Powder (Menblatt – Mjolnir Mountains)
  5. Pyramid’s Light – Collect 50x Aura Core (Mummy – Pyramid 1F)

After completing all the quests speak to Ferrut in Prontera again.

  1. First submit your materials to receive your Reward Vouchers.
  2. Select Build the Cabin.
  3. Make sure to choose “I’ll use the vouchers”.
  4. You should be prompted to pay 500,000 Zeny.
  5. Pay the fee.
  6. Sign the property deed.

You will receive 1x Blueprint Manual, 1x Home Property Certificate and also unlock the Home Prestige.

Home Rating

Your Home Rating are levels you can unlock with grant a variety of benefits (listed below).

You can view your current Home Rating Level by selecting “Home” from the “More” options button.

1HP Recovery Speed increased by 5%
2SP Recovery Speed increased by 5%
3Base EXP obtained from battle increased by 5%
4Job EXP obtained from battle increased by 5%
5EXP gained by pets in your Pet House increased by 10%
6Friendship gained by pets in your Pet House increased by 10%
7Number of simultaneous pet work slots increased by 1
8Bag slots increased by 20
9Field combat drop rate +3% and Home gear refinement cost zeny -5%
10All attributes +3 and Home enchanting cost zeny -5%

Level Up Home Rating (Placing Furniture)

Placing furniture in your home will increase its Home Rating. But first you must craft it.

Crafting Furniture

  1. Open that Blueprint Manual you received.
  2. Pick a Themed Room
  3. Pick the furniture you want to craft
  4. Select Rapid Crafting
  5. You can Fast Buy the required materials

Furniture blueprints will cost Eden “Pink Poring” Coins. More advanced furniture will provide a higher Home Rating. However you will need to unlock the blueprint.

Placing Furniture

Once you have crafted your furniture don’t forget to place it in your home. To do that first enter your home via More > Home > Enter Home button.

Next speak to your Maid and choose “Start Building”. Now you can select and drag to place furniture you have crafted.

Plateau Wood and Nine World Rough Stone

Crafting furniture will cost Plateau Wood/Nine World Rough Stone. These materials can be purchased from the Furniture Store NPC (See Above).

There is a limit on how much you can purchase per week:

MaterialCostWeekly Limit
Plateau Wood5,000z200
Nine World Rough Stone150,00010

Home Prestige (Unlocking More Blueprints)

You may have noticed the Home Prestige progress bar when speaking to the Furniture Shop NPC.

Increasing Home Prestige unlocks more advanced furniture blueprints. To increase Home Prestige you will need to gift this NPC Golden Apples.

How to Get Golden Apples?
Unlock furniture in your Adventure Handbook. The easiest way is to open your Adventure Handbook and select the new Furniture Tab.

Next pick a piece of furniture that is greyed out. You’ll notice that the unlocking reward includes a Golden Apple.

As a bonus there are also Stat Attribute Rewards for crafting new furniture. Use your Adventure Handbook Furniture Tab to see what’s available.

Important Furniture

Crafting and placing certain furniture in your home will add additional functionality to your home.

Cute Claws’ Nest is particularly helpful as it will save you the effort of petting/feeding your pets to raise intimacy for Pet Fusion.

Here are some essential Furniture pieces to aim for:

FireplaceRewards fire crystal, coal, lava gem and flame-
Hayward's WorkshopCan Enhance, Refine and Enchant in Home.
(Discount from Home Rating Available)
Prestige Lv. 2
Cute Claws' NestStore Pet to passively gain intimacyPrestige Lv. 7
Sail with the Wind+5% to Water Element
(5 hour buff)
Does not work with magic classes
Prestige Lv. 9

Looking for a specific piece of furniture? The furniture tab in your Adventure Handbook is the way to go.


#1 Craft the Plants
The Pot Plants are the cheapest furniture items to craft. You’ll get a bunch of Golden Apples from them to level your Prestige as well as a good number of Atk/M.Atk unlock bonuses.

#2 Quantity vs Quality
The cheapest way to increase Prestige is to unlock cheap furniture. Regardless of the quality of furniture you will only receive 1x Golden Apple as the unlock reward.

#3 Crafting the best
Only the best furniture of each type will increase Home Rating. Eg. If you place two dining tables your home will only benefit from one of them (the one that grants the most Home Rating).

Therefore the cheapest way to increase Home Rating is to first increase Prestige (Using Tip #1) then proceed to only craft the best furniture (ones that give the most Home Rating) of each type.

However you may still want to craft the lower quality furniture for the unlock bonuses.

#4 It’s expensive
Building and fitting out your home requires significant Zeny. Depending on what stage your character is at you may want to invest elsewhere.