The 2 Druid 6 Assassin build is comprised of 6 Assassins with a Warpwood Sage and Razorclaw frontline. Assassins are especially powerful early/mid game. This early lead will be required to help you face builds that excel more in the late game.

This build takes advantage of the Druid Synergy and its ability that allows players to quickly build 3 Star pieces. With the (4) Druid Synergy, players can obtain a 3 Star with only 4 copies of a Druid piece.

The Lineup

Lord of Sand
Phantom Queen
Shining Assassin
Warpwood Sage
Water Spirit
6( 6 / 6 )
2( 2 / 4 )
0( 1 / 4 )
2( 2 / 6 )
1( 1 / 1 )
3( 3 / 9 )
0( 1 / 4 )

Feel free to pick up a Soul Breaker early on. It can be your 9th Piece or viable substitute for Water Spirit/Abyssal Crawler, especially if you manage to reach 3 Star.


Keep an eye out for Unicorn and Wisper Seer. You will need them for your (4) Druid Synergy. Sell them once you have your 3 Star Warpwood Sage and Razorclaw.


You will want your assassin pieces in the backline with your Warpwood Sage and Razorclaw in front center. Placing these two closer to the back of the board will help draw your opponents forward, providing space for your Assassins to leap into.

Now, split your Assassins into two groups, left and right. Assassins target and jump towards the farthest opponent piece relative to their position. They will in many cases jump diagonally across the board.

In general, many players often position their pieces leaning towards the left of their board (appears on your right). Therefore you can position your melee Assassins on the left so they jump directly to your opponent and engage with minimal walking.

Your ranged Assassins (btw Shining Assassin is ranged) can take the right hand side. Even if they jump to the left side of the board, their range will still have an easy time engaging your opponent.

A big advantage of Assassins is the ability to jump past your opponents’ frontline and burst down their squishy back line. This can be a problem in a 1v1 late game situation as your opponent can counter position you. This is one reason why players may consider Assassins as a great way to place Top 3, but not optimal for claiming first.


Place them on your two frontline pieces Warpwood Sage and Razorclaw. If you have any spare, Lord of Sand is another good choice (durability will allow him to survive longer and get more stuns off).

Shining Assassin and Shadow Crawler are great candidates here Abyssal Crawler can also be a contender here. Although not having the best attack, its ability to stay alive and deal damage whilst invulnerable and regenerating can be quite annoying for your opponent.

Mana Regen
Phantom Queen and Lord of Sand are the obvious picks. However you will want some mana regen (a single Magicka Crystal will do) on your Shining Assassin as her skill ability has a very low cool down.

When To Build

Assassins have a particular advantage against builds with squishy backlines such as Hunters and Mages. This is because Assassins can jump past their frontline and quickly burst down the backline damage source.

However this mobility advantage doesn’t apply to durable frontline based builds like Warriors. Especially in the late game, their additional armor makes it particularly difficult for the physical attack reliant Assassins to take down.