How to upgrade your Advanced Skill Runes in Ragnarok Mobile. Advancement Smelting, Precision Smelting, Attribute Synergy, Rune Replacement and Rune Carving explained.

Advancement Smelting

The first thing to do is open your Rune Box. If you haven’t unlocked it check out our Advanced Rune System Guide. Next switch to the last tab “Rune Smelting.” This is where we will be doing our upgrading.

The first option “Advancement Smelting” allows us to upgrade the rune grade (B->A->S). Sacrifice any 3 runes for a random rune with a chance at a higher grade. The upgrade chance depends on the runes spent:

B+B+B60% Chance A-Grade
A+B+B20% Chance S-Grade
A+A+B45% Chance S-Grade
A+A+A70% Chance S-Grade
S+B+B75% Chance S-Grade
S+A+B80% Chance S-Grade
S+A+A85% Chance S-Grade
S+S+B90% Chance S-Grade
S+S+A95% Chance S-Grade
S+S+S100% Chance S-Grade

Note: S-Grade Glittering Star Runes (added in Episode 7) cannot be obtained via Advancement Smelting. They are obtained from Echoing Corridor, events and BCC alternatives.

What you’ll want to do is sacrifice the runes you don’t want. Typically this will be Runes for classes that you don’t play/expect to play in the future.

But you may want to keep Runes with a star in the bottom right hand corner regardless of class. These are typically Runes with good attribute rolls (our end goal). Good to have just in case you play that class.

An even more conservative approach would be to keep one of every rune (pick the ones with the best attributes). Remember, just don’t sacrifice any of the Runes for classes that you play. Duplicates will come in handy later.

Precision Smelting

It guarantees a Skill Rune for your current job class. However it has a costly 5:1 trade ratio.

This is where you can use those useless S-Grade runes that cannot be used by your desired class. You’ll have a bunch of them from Advancement Smelting.

Alright you should now have a bunch of runes for your job class. Next is to get good attributes on them.

Attribute Synergy

This is where duplicates can be used. First make sure you keep the rune with the best attributes. Now you can exchange your spare duplicates to try and roll for better stats (3:1 trade ratio).

Unless you are super lucky this is going to be the main way you unlock the 3rd attribute on S-Grade runes.

Rune Replacement

You can pick any S-Grade rune you want. But you must sacrifice 3 runes of that class (Note: S-Grade Star Runes will cost S-Grade Star Runes).

This is useful in 2 ways:

  1. When you need a specific rune (maybe its essential to your build)
  2. When you have duplicates for a rune that you already have perfect/very good rolls on.

Rune Carving

This option isn’t about upgrading the Skill Rune itself but instead changes the rune’s activation condition to a wild card. Skill Runes require 3 adjacent Attribute runes to activate (Red, Blue Yellow).

Rune Carving lets you change one of these activation conditions to a wild card ie any attribute will meet its condition. Carving costs Voice Carving Knife (BCC item).

That’s it! By following these steps you should slowly progress towards collecting 1 of each Skill Rune for your job class with great attributes.