ragnarok mobile pet poring

This is my Poring. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Unlock pets in Ragnarok Mobile.

Unlock Pets at Level 30

magnus prontera south ragnarok mobile unlock pets

Ok so you’ve heard that pets are awesome. They can probably hit harder than you can! Level 30 yet? If so it’s time to head to Prontera South for your first pet. Go speak to Magnus, he will be between King Poring and the Music Box. He will tell you to then speak to the Pet Equipment guy.

You will be teleported to a new area. A flying fortress where you can enslave befriend your first pet. Grab that apple and throw it like a pokeball. This pet is on the house! The ones you capture will not have guaranteed success rate unless you present them with enough gifts (Guide coming soon!)

Tap on its icon in the top left hand corner and give your poring a petting. Pet it regularly and raise its intimacy. In the future if you have the zeny to spare you can quickly level up your pets intimacy by gifting it its favourite pet item (Same item you use to capture it). Once your pet intimacy reaches LvL 5 and base LvL 45 you’ll be able to send it off to the Pet Labor (Labor Traveling Machine) for those tasty exp pots and loot.

Pets also provide a nice combat boost as well as their own individual utility skills (we will cover that in another section). All pets provide unique bonuses. They also have their own unique attack skills.

On top of getting your first pet you would have also unlocked Pet Adventure! That’s where you send them off into the wilderness and prey they come back with cards hahaha … Pet adventure uses up stamina, 60 stamina per adventure per pet. It’s a great way to use up your alternative characters stamina should you have them.

Pet Gift – Meatballs

Don’t forget to collect your meatballs that your active pet will gift you. Meatballs can be used to instantly complete mission board quests and rift quests. Once meatballs are ready for collection your pet will display a gift box emoji that you can click to collect your present. Next open your bag, double click the meatballs to open the shop. There you can purchase Mercenary’s Mission scrolls to instantly complete board quests and Purification Grails canbe to instantly complete rift quests.

The next step

Get more pets of course! Need that 100% success rate on pet capture. See our guide.