Tips that helped me climb the Auto Chess ranked ladder.

After 160 games, I’m finally King 1 NA. I stalled at Rook 8 for a couple days before finishing the grind and I learned several key lessons along the way. I’d like to share them here because they would have shortened my grind had I known these things earlier.

1. Lose-Streaking Deliberately Is Too Risky

With disconnects, bots, and people starting to play super aggro, playing with the intention to lose streak is simply too high a risk for the reward. Try win-streaking or disciplined middling.

2. Avoid Competing For Units

If there are 3 people competing for your key units (counting you), you need to reconsider your build. You may struggle down the line to reach endgame form. This is a sure way to end in 5th-8th.

3. Avoid Rolling

Just keep 50 gold. Rolling is tempting, but not worth it. Exceptions are when you are below 30 hp or are on 3+ pairs.

4. Learn the Match Ups

What beats Dragon mage? Better to know before game than to struggle to answer opponents build.

5. Learn from the Pros

Watch high level players. I like Claytano, Excoundrel, Chaos Squirrel, Oran. When you watch them, think what the best play is. If they make the same play, good job! If not, determine what motivated their decision. It could have been a better play, a personal preference, a gamble, etc. As you do this more, you will find that most turns the best play is fairly straightforward.

6. Know the Meta

Know meta comps. Am I ashamed that I abused Dragon Knights to hit king? No. Everyone else was playing warriors and mages and I adapted.

7. Play More Games

Am I better than i was 25 games ago? Yupp. Will i be better in 25 more games? Yes.

8. Understand the Game State

Are you in a position where you can win? If so, play to win. If you are having a terrible game, do whatever you can to last as longer as possible. I don’t win every game, but I almost never end up less than 5th. This is how I climb.

9. The Essentials

Every comp needs 3 things. A carry, a front line, and some cc. Even if you don’t have an endgame comp yet, try to incorporate these things.

10. Importance of Synergy

Synergy is incredibly important early game. 3 warriors at 1 star will beat a 2 star and 2×1 star units in round 4 almost every time.

11. Position for an Advantage

Position as best you can every round. If the chance of a human silence can win you the game, position your human so that you give yourself that chance. I have won many rounds because my pirate silenced a Tsunami.

12. Learn to Itemize

Buff items stack, de-buff items don’t.

13. Win the Wolf Round

Wolf Round is very important. It can drop up to 5 items and you must clear it every time. Positioning to maximize your chance is easy. Using chess numbering, put your ranged dmg dealers or squishies on a4, b4, and a3. Put your beefiest tanks on (in order) a1, b3, b2. It looks like an S shape. This protects your squishies and guarantees your tanks do their job.

There are many more tips, but these can definitely take any bishop to rook, or a low rook to high rook.