The golden Dawn Wings are rewarded upon completing the “Dawn Break” quest. This unlocks the “Floating Battle” achievement which ultimately lets you claim the shiny back piece.

You will first need to complete the Eye of Dawn quest. Once done, speak to President Karl again (See Below) and he will give you the Second Awaken Crystal quest.

You will need Level 100 to start this phase of the quest.

Second Awaken Crystal

Good ol’ President Karl

Remember unlocking the Eye of Dawn? This quest will sound very similar. Again you will be asked to collect Broken Relics. This time there will be 3 daily quests available. Completing them will each reward 1x Broken Relic.

In total you will need to collect 10x Broken Relics. Therefore, it will take you at least 4 days to complete the task.

The daily quests are the same everyday, they will include:

  1. Collect 35x Eternal Kindling from Fire Elf (Magma Dungeon 2F)
  2. Deliver the Fricassee (Speak to NPCs in Juno)
  3. Collect 30x Tough Feather from Harpy (Border Checkpoint)

Tip: Accept all the quests before heading out. It will save you from going back and forth.

Got enough? Go speak to President Karl again. Guess what’s next? Yup, more Daily Quests hahaha.

Third Awaken Crystal

Alright, here we go again. You know the drill, collect 10x Broken Relics.

Same NPCs as before. Again, as you can only collect 3 Relics per day it’ll take you at least another 4 days to complete this part.

The daily quests are the same everyday, this time they include:

  1. Collect 35x Eternal Kindling from Fire Elf (Magma Dungeon 2F)
  2. Find Pocket Watch (Field of Juno – Find it in front of the Magma Dungeon Entrance)
  3. Kill 40x Highland Parasite (Border Checkpoint)

Got enough? Back to Karl again! Guess what’s next? More Dai… just kidding, that’s it for the dailies haha.

A Lot of Back and Forth

Alright, now that the dailies are all out of the way. You can finish the rest of the quest in one swoop. The remainder of the quest chain involves a lot of running around. It’s a bit tedious but those Dawn Wings look pretty cool don’t they?

A few questions and answers along the way:

Q: How many doses would you like to administer to Siren?
A: 2ml

Q: You seems suspicious, what are you up to?
A: Nothing

Q: Who are you people?
A: Kafra

Q: What are you here for?
A: The election of Kafra

You’ll eventually be asked to pull some levers. Basically you’ll need to face all the statues towards the crystal in the middle. Here’s the correct combination (clockwise from closest lever):

  • B Turn Southward
  • C Turn Westward
  • A Turn Northward
  • D Turn Eastward

More Questions:

Q: You’re smart. It is very possible that Bauff has used…
A: The Kraken’s DNA

Q: What is his goal?
A: To destroy the Heim…

Well That Was Long…

You’ll eventually watch a cut scene of the giant crystal in it’s final form. After a quick meeting with Siren, you’ll head to speak with President Karl one more time. This time to receive your reward.

Don’t forget to open up your Adventure Handbook (Achievement Tab) to collect your Dawn Wings.