Genshin Impact players can expect more quality of life additions in the upcoming 1.2 patch update as well as a bunch of Acquaint Fates for free summons!

Developers Discussion

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Q1: I wish there was a private chat function, so I could chat to friends before entering their worlds.
A1: A chat function is coming in Version 1.2. Travelers who have unlocked the friend system can chat with friends from the Friends screen or via a shortcut button. If your friend is offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.

Comments: I hadn’t realized that this was actually missing from the game as what communication I needed was supported via 3rd party apps. Very nice that it’s been added though.

Q2: My friends keep changing their nicknames all the time and I can’t remember who is who. I wish I could add a note.
A2: In Version 1.2, Travelers will be able to select a friend’s avatar and add a name for them in a note. The name you add will show up in your friends list and in chats, and only you will see the name you have given them. Hopefully that will make it easier to remember who’s who!

Comments: Currently there isn’t much co-op content. It’ll be safe to say the focus is so far on the single player experience. But nevertheless a nice touch.

Q3: I wish that I could add a trackable pin so that after closing the map I know which way to go, just like with quest objectives. It gets annoying having to repeatedly open the map and check on a journey because you keep going off track along the way.
A3: The developers are planning to release a trackable map pins feature. Travelers will just need to select a Custom Pin from the map screen and choose Navigate. Only one pin can be tracked at one time.

This is very useful. I’ve found myself opening the map multiple times to correct which direction I’m heading towards.

Q4: I wish I could repeat a Domain without having to leave and re-enter.
A4: In Version 1.2, Travelers will be able to choose to repeat a Domain challenge from inside the Domain. No more leaving and re-entering!

Very nice. Saves a bit of load time. Will certainly add up given how much we run domains.

Q5: I frequently miss out on Domain and Ley Line blossom drops. Having to manually collect them is very inconvenient.
A5: The developers have improved the Domain and Ley Line Outcrop rewards system. From Version 1.2, you won’t have to collect the drops yourself because they’ll be added straight to your Inventory.

To be honest I would have rather seen this implemented in the world where loot can drop/roll away from your character. The physics behind loot is a nice touch but it’s actually just annoying now.

Q6: I want a dialog auto-play option.
A6: …And the developers have almost finished making it! An auto-play option for dialog will be added in Version 1.2. When the Auto option is selected, dialog will automatically progress to the next line once the current line’s audio finishes playing. When dialog options appear, it will pause to allow Travelers to respond, then continue to auto-play as before. *Also, there’s now an option to skip the animation on the BP screen~

It’s a bonus.

Q7: I wish there was a place to view the dialog for quests I have already completed. Sometimes it’s nice to go back over the story.
A7: Version 1.2 adds the Travel Log section to the Archive. All dialog (text and audio) from previously completed Archon Quests and Story Quests will appear here. This way, Travelers can re-read and play back the dialog from completed quests.

Very nice for those who rushed through the story. Now they have the option to go back and enjoy it.

Q8: In Co-Op Mode, progress is interrupted when a player quits the game. Can this be improved?
A8: The developers hear you loud and clear, Travelers! In the next version, Travelers are free to leave Co-Op Domains at any time without interrupting the battle for other Travelers. Also, during Co-Op sessions, the host will be able to disband the Co-Op Team just by returning to Single Player Mode. After the team is disbanded, Travelers’ own game progress will be restored.

Never experienced this issue personally but I’d imagine it would be quite annoying. Great fix.

***Last But Not Least***
After the developers let us have one final peek at their notebooks, it turns out that in Version 1.2, Travelers will be rewarded with 1 Acquaint Fate each time they ascend a character at level 20, 50, or 70!
And for any previous characters that Travelers have ascended, you can claim the Acquaint Fate rewards from the Ascension Materials Preview screen.

That’s a lot of free summons. Thanks Mihoyo!