Here are 10 Among Us Crewmate tips to help you win more. Most importantly the best way to win is by sticking together.

1. Safety in Numbers

Whilst it’s tempting to venture off alone to complete tasks you are truly more safe in numbers (pairs are great!). It’s much harder for Imposters to pick you off when you are not alone.

However identifying who you can trust is the tricky part. This may be especially difficult in the beginning but the odds are with you.

2. Visual Tasks Clear Players

Visual Tasks can prove players innocence. If you are certain a player is innocent then it’s a good strategy to stick with them. It helps protect them and you. However they may be a bit edgy when you first follow them around.

On the same note if you have a Visual Task. Try to do it in front of as many players as possible. This will prove your innocence. However may also make you a target.

3. Check Cameras

Head to security and watch those cameras. It can give you info on player movements, who is with who, and maybe even spot a kill.

4. Check Vitals

Vitals can be found in Office on the Polus map. It can be used to check who is alive.

Recently killed crewmates will be indicated in red. If you see this you can try to locate the body or call an emergency meeting.

5. Check Admin

Using Admin isn’t as straight forward as Cameras or Vitals. But it can still give us great information. It tells us how many players are in each room.

See a player disappear and reappear in another room? They probably vented and if it’s to a room with another player that player is likely in trouble. If that player icon blinks they were just killed.

Rush towards that location and you might catch the player leaving. Remember who it was and go check if there’s a body to report.

6. Fix Sabotage

You should help fix sabotages as quickly as possible. After it’s fixed imposters will have to wait before they can sabotage again. Making it safer to complete your tasks.

Fixing O2 and Reactor requires two locations. If you see one player move towards a repair location you should get on the other.

7. Remember Who You Pass

It can be difficult remember everyone you pass but it’s a key part to being a better Crewmate in Among Us.

Two players pass by then one is reported as dead? The other may be an imposter! A player comes from the direction of a body? Imposter! Whilst you may not be certain at times it at least gives you a clue to go off.

8. Vouch For Players

If you’re with a player for the entire round and a body is found. That means they weren’t responsible (there may be more than 1 imposter depending on game settings).

9. Where is That Player?

Sometimes Players will be missing all game. Maybe you just happened to not cross paths. During discussion time you could ask where a player has been? Other players may also realise that they haven’t seen them all game!

Generally you’ll bump into crewmates. This is due to common tasks but also whilst fixing sabotages. A player missing all game is quite suspicious.

10. Protect Your Crewmates

Is a crewmate fixing lights or completing a task? You should try to protect them by keeping a close eye on who’s around. Be careful not to stand too close. You wouldn’t want to be part of a stack kill.

Need help remembering where you went? Use this map reference during discussion time.

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