Here’s how to farm artifacts without resin in Genshin Impact. It takes about 15mins per run and you’ll end up with around 60 artifacts (mostly white rarity). This will give you about 25,000 EXP for leveling your artifacts. These spots also respawn every 24hours.

Boost your stamina for this run by making use of 2x Anemo and characters like Kaeya.

Location A (Lisha – Liyue)

Personally I like working my way up from the bottom of the map but it’s up to you where you start and go.

  1. Just one here. Glide down south of the waypoint and grab it from the tent.

Location B – Minlin (Liyue)

  1. This time head north and you will find a Hilichurl digging at a pile of planks.
  2. More planks.
  3. More planks.

Location C – Minlin (Liyue)

  1. There’s two directions. Let’s go East first. There’s one next to the broken wagon with the Hilichurl.
  2. Next one is a barrel.
  3. Another barrel.
  4. Teleport back to the waypoint and head West. There’s one by the pots next to a tent.
  5. Head further West and you’ll find a crate under a tent.
  6. A small container on a table.
  7. Pile of crates.
  8. Head further north and you’ll find a small bandit camp. There’s one under the tent.
  9. In a sack on some crates.

Location D – Minlin (Liyue)

  1. Teleport to the top of Qingyun Peak and glide West. You’ll find a pot next to a big red umbrella.
  2. Teleport back to the top of Qingyun Peak again and this time glide North West towards the bridge. The first one is in the pot under the barn.
  3. You’ll find another in a crate under the main shelter.

Location E – Minlin (Liyue)

  1. Head West first. There’s one in the pot.
  2. Another in a weaved basket.
  3. Head North East and you’ll find a bandit camp. You’ll find one in the backpack under the tent.

Location F – Minlin (Liyue)

  1. Head North East to find two carts next to a pond each with artifacts.
  2. From there head West. There you’ll find a bandit camp with two artifacts. One in a handbag and another in a backpack on one of the tent posts.
  3. There’s another tent nearby this time with just one in the backpack.

Location G – Minlin (Liyue)

  1. There’s one directly West of the waypoint in a broken down cart.
  2. It’s a bit of a walk but head South East. You’ll find one in a crate.
  3. This location is by far the best out of all locations. There’s 5 pots here to loot. If you’re going to farm artifacts daily but can’t be bothered doing the entire run just grab this one. I even place my portable waypoint here to make things easier.
  4. A broken boat on the shore.
  5. A barrel on the peer.

Location H – Bishui Plain (Liyue)

  1. Glide down to the peer. The artifact is in a crate.
  2. Teleport back up but this time glide North. You’ll find it in the big house in the pots.

Location I – Qiongji Estuary and Bishui Plain (Liyue)

  1. Two waypoints this time. Let’s take the Mingyun Village one first. Glide West from the waypoint. You’ll find a tent, one of the backpacks as the artifact.
  2. Now take the waypoint at Sal Terrae. Head North West towards the tent. Theres 3x here, one by the Surfboard, another by the stack of books and one more in a backpack.

Location J – Bishui Plain (Liyue)

  1. Two waypoints again. Let’s start with the one towards the West of Qingce Village. Head West from the waypoint and you’ll find one in a pot next to the house.
  2. Now take the other waypoint and head South to find one in a crate inside the big Pergola.
  3. Head further West to find a cart of pots.
  4. Keep going West and you’ll find a house with some scrolls on its porch.

Location K – Bishui Plain (Liyue)

  1. Head West of the waypoint to find one next to the crates.
  2. [Optional] These last two are not part of the run as they are a bit hard to get to. You could however use your mini waypoint to make things easier if you want to add it to your route. Scale the mountain and head South East to find one at a table next to a house.
  3. [Optional] Head further East. The last one is by a small tent.

By the end of the run you should have roughly 60 white artifacts (around 25,000 EXP for your artifacts). The artifacts will respawn 24hrs from the time they are collected.

The run takes around 15mins to complete. Since it respawns quite often you won’t need to run it every day. Consider just running part of it or drop a portable waypoint and just farm Location G (3).