The garage module in Heat: Pedal to the Metal board game offers advanced rules, introducing extra upgrade cards with diverse effects for players to use.

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Garage Module

The Garage Module adds more upgrade cards to the game, replacing the standard 3 base upgrades. Players now draft from a selection of new basic and advanced garage module upgrades.

During drafting, players take turns drafting 3 upgrade cards (alternatively players can just draw 3 randomly). 3 + number of players in cards are placed face up for selection.

The last player on the race track picks first. The next round the order is reversed with the final picking round starting with the last player again. Any leftover upgrade cards are discarded.

Finally, each player shuffles their drafted upgrades into their deck.

The Cards

There are 11 types of garage module upgrade cards, each type come in a variety of values:

4 Wheel DriveLike a stress card but with added benefits such as additional speed and cooldown.
BrakesVariable speed you can choose as you reveal the card
Cooling SystemCooldown effect
BodyDiscard stress cards
R.P.MAdditional slipstream distance
TiresIncrease check speed limit or reduces check speed limit for cooldown
WingsGreatly increase check speed limit but costs heat
TurbochargerPay heat for a lot of speed
FuelLook through discard pile and choose a number of cards to place back into your deck
Gas PedalAdditional speed that can be played after cards are revealed
SuspensionPlace card back on top of draw deck after use ie. a permanently available upgrade
HeatMore available heat to use

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