How to handle a Win Streak in Auto Chess
Since the first season is ending, I figured it would be a waste to write a guide about a specific comp because meta can change in the next season. This tempo guide however should remain useful across seasons.

1. Why be aggressive when winning?

Fact: In queen lobbies, usually half the players are dead by round 30, and most games end before round 40.

Why? Because the winning player in a Queen lobby would always Level and roll aggressively.

The reasons:

  • You have a higher chance to keep your win streak.
  • You have a higher chance to stop others’ win streak.
  • You can make your opponents lose more hp.
  • You can have higher chance each round to find epic and legendary units, especially when other players are at a level lower than you.

Basically, when you are winning, you decide the tempo of the match. Everyone have to play by your tempo.

A common practice by new players is to save for 50 gold and then each round roll and buy units with the 10 gold interest. This method allow you to maximize your interest every turn and does not require any win/lose streak to work.

However, as soon as you climb higher, there is less and less room for this strategy, because the winning players level up and start rolling very quickly. And if you save for 50 gold and only use 10 gold every turn, you may bleed out 10 to 20 hp per round.

Soon, you need to roll down too because you have so little hp left or you may die with 50 gold in hand.

A common mistake of new players is dying with 50 gold, but if you win with 50 gold in hand you have made a mistake as well.

Why? because if you had leveled/rolled earlier, you could have achieved the power level you now have 5 rounds ago.

That means:

  • When your opponents fights your team they bleeds out way more
  • They have to roll down earlier
  • You can end the game earlier
  • They have less rounds to find a way to come back

Remember that your opponents are less lucky then you in the early game doesn’t mean it will persist in the late game. Therefore, if you are in a leading position, the best strategy is to level and roll aggressively and end the game quickly.

Of course, this requires you to have a certain knowledge of your final comp and when is its final form. For example, in a Dragon Knight comp, a star 3 Lightblade Knight and Chaos knights with other units 2 star is already strong enough to win in a fast pace game most of the time. Therefore, when you are close to this final form, you should roll down to find the last upgrades.

2. How to do it?

In early game, leveling is quite simple, if you are winning and confident that you can keep winning (by scouting other players), level up in round 5/6 and round 9.

In the mid game, if you can keep a +2 winstreak to round 13, your exp should be 4/16 and you can spend 15 gold to level to 7. This allow you to add an extra unit/synergy to keep the +2 streak that may turn to +3.

If you can keep it til round 15, you are so ahead of everyone else. Do not care about the interest. I repeat: DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE INTEREST. What you lost in interest you earn double back in winning streak.

If you level to 7 by round 13. You can level to 8 at round 17 or 21. Generally, if you lost your winstreak before round 17, you should start saving and level at round 21. If you still have your now +3 winstreak, leveling to 8 in round 17 is the right play. (Given you have a good unit/synergy to add).

After level 8, you should form your final comp and level them up to 2 stars. Leveling to 9 or 10 depends largely on the specific comp you are using so there are no universal rules on when to do it.

Fact: round 13, 17 and 21 are the best rounds to level because your exp is at the multiple of 4.

3. What if I lose my winning streak?

Winning streak usually doesn’t last for the whole game even if you employ the strategy stated above. Sometimes you can lose right after leveling and that sucks.

However, you shouldn’t panic because you have already built a lead with level. Now every round you have extra chance to find units with high rarity.

That said, you can now stop spending and save for 50 gold. Since you were winning in early game, now is the time to use your hp as resource to ‘trade for gold’.

Don’t roll actively and just put extra money to exp. You can start playing aggressive again when you reach the next level/after a neutral round/when you have low hp.

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