To heal a deep wound in Project Zomboid you’ll need to find a suture needle or needle and thread to stitch the wound, then sterilize if infected.

Use tweezers to remove glass from your deep wound before stitching.

Suture Needle FAQ

  1. What causes deep wounds?
    Deep wounds are often caused when breaking windows without anything equipped, climbing through broken glass and car crashes.
  2. What’s the effect of a deep wound?
    Deep wounds cause health loss, bleeding and moderate pain.
  3. Where can I find Suture Needles?
    Medicine cabinets and first aid kits.
  4. What if I can’t find any?
    You can also use a needle and thread however it will cause more pain. These can be found in sewing kits.
  5. Is the Suture Needle one use?
    Yes, it will be consumed so grab spares if you find them.
  6. Do I have to stitch the wound?
    Deep wounds cause a lot of bleeding. Bandages will stop the bleeding but will get dirty very quickly if applied without stitching the wound.
  7. Do I need to bandage the stitched wound?
    No, keep the stitched wound unbandaged and disinfect when needed. If you don’t have any means to disinfect the wound you can apply sterilized bandages (eg. boil bandages) to prevent infection, the bandages will slow down healing but will prevent infection.
  8. What are Suture Needle Holders for?
    You don’t need them however they increase the success rate of stitching deep wounds. They can also be used to remove glass and bullets from wounds.