Auto Chess (originally a Dota 2 Mod) is a round based free-for-all strategy game from the developers Drodo. It is now available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Maybe you’ve played the original mod, but for those new to the franchise here’s a quick intro to help you decide whether to give it a try.

Game Mechanics

Auto Chess is a choice based game. It is not a Moba game so you won’t need your last hitting reflexes here. It’s all about choice, each round players may purchase chess pieces (heroes) to place on their board or keep in their hand (reserve). During the battle phase the heroes on the board automatically fight it out to determine the winning player (hence the auto part). So you may be thinking, this sounds like a card game. Hearthstone? Well, there’s a key difference which many may appreciate, you won’t be needing to spend real world monies on opening any packs in this game. Yup, Auto Chess is not a card/hero collector. Instead much like Dota, everyone has equal opportunity to the heroes available.

First Impression

Here’s what you may like about the game.:

  • Games last around 30 minutes – Short enough so it doesn’t feel drawn out but long enough for a satisfying win.
  • Game mode is 8 Player Free For All – Great for those preferring a solo game (don’t have to worry about leavers here).
  • Free to Play Friendly (no pay to win here – just good ol’ skill).
  • Ranked matches are satisfying – You don’t need to place first to rank up. Increase/Decrease to rank depends on opponent rank and how you place against them.
  • Ranked ELO is visible, you will be able to see how close you are to your next promotion.
  • Ranked matches aren’t all or nothing – You don’t need to place first to progress your rank.

Decided to give Auto Chess a shot? Get an edge with our Quick Start Beginner Guide.