Arknights 4-7 is a main story boss battle and is the final stage in Episode 4. The key to this stage is using physical damage to defeat FrostNova.

Recommended Operator Elite 1 Lv. 70

With the below setup you should be able to clear the stage with an Elite 1 Lv. 50 squad.

Here are the operators used in this example:

  • 2x Vanguard
  • 1x Sniper (AoE)
  • 2x Sniper (ST)
  • 2x Healer
  • 1x Defender
  • 1x Guard
  • 1x Caster (AoE)

Phase One

FrostNova will spawn in the beginning. But don’t worry we will deal with her once she makes her way into the second row.

  • Stronger Vanguard in position (A) facing left.
  • Another Vanguard in position (B) facing left.
  • Sniper (AoE) in position (C) facing right.
  • Healer in position (D) facing right.
  • Defender in position (E) facing right.

FrostNova will freeze tiles. You will not be able to deploy in these spaces but it won’t be a problem. Let’s deploy two more operators.

  1. Caster (AoE) in position (F) facing left.
  2. Healer in position (G) facing right.

Phase Two

Once FrostNova reaches the position highlighted above (in green). Place your Guard in position (H) facing right and your two Sniper (ST) in positions (I) and (J) facing left.

FrostNova does incredible AoE damage. Fighting her away from our main forces makes the battle much easier to manage.

Once you defeat FrostNova, she will resurrect. She will be even stronger now. So use your Guard active skill to help finish her off for good.