Join the Ragnarok Mobile Ice Festival December 2020 Christmas Event for a variety of rewards.

Event is available in Global and SEA


Furniture Package [SEA Only]Release on:
01 Dec
Christmas Furniture
Icy Festival3 Dec - 1 Jan 2021**
Poring Hammer
Crystal MysteryAccept:
3 - 19 Dec
26 Dec
5x Daily Quest
Festival Decoration10 - 17 DecGem Donation
Snow Kingdom’s Magic Card Bag [SEA Only]10 Dec (5AM) - 17 Dec (5AM)BCC Shop
Little Fairy's Big Adventure17 - 24 DecMini Game Tasks
Christmas Eve Parade22 - 29 Dec
(20:00 - 22:00 every day)
Defeat Marins
(Prontera West)
Frost Gift24 Dec - 4 Jan 2021Claim Gift
The Christmas Eve Wish [SEA Only]24 Dec (5AM) - 04 Jan 2021 (5AM)BCC Shop
Adventure Support Pack [SEA Only]27 Dec (5AM) - 04 Jan 2021 (5AM)BCC Shop
**Small wooden hammer purchase time: 28 Dec (5am) - 31 Dec (5am)

Icy Festival

Event Date: 3 Dec – 1 Jan 2021
Small wooden hammer purchase time: 28 Dec (5am) – 31 Dec (5am)

  1. During the event, the Hotspot button on the screen will be replaced by the Hit Poring button. Tap it to access the event page
  2. Each round of Hit Poring contains 8 random reward mini Porings and 1 bonus reward big Poring. Consume Small Wooden Hammers and tap Porings to earn rewards
  3. After acquiring all the mini Poring rewards of this round, the big Poring reward of the round will be granted automatically
  4. The Hit Poring event has 4 rounds. Clear one round by claiming all the rewards of the round and the next round will be automatically unlocked


  1. The event is account based. All characters under one account share the completion progress.

Crystal Mystery

[Queen Frost] from the Land of Ice and Snow has come to Prontera in preparation for the traditional Icy Festival.

In the meantime, strange things are happening in Prontera. Some residents report that the tip of their fingers and hair is freezing up and their bodies feel languished.

Snow Queen is accused by many for this strange illness. The festival preparations are under the way but [Frost] has sneaked out of the site, busy with something else secretly.

Adventurers have been following [Frost] and found out she’s spying out these frozen cases. Patients of these frozen cases seem to bear waves of the snow magic. What is the true purpose of [Frost]’s visit to Prontera?

Event Date:
Accept: 3 – 19 Dec
Complete: 26 Dec

  1. During the event, adventurers whose base level is 12 or higher may accept the [Crystal Mystery] series of tasks from the Celebration Ambassador [Donidoni] at Prontera Square
  2. It’s a set of 5 consecutive tasks

Festival Decoration

Snow magic is not enough to complete the decorations for the festival. Glistening gems might be the icing on the cake.

Donate shining gems to Frost’s Maid [Elia] and make this Icy Festival more splendid!

Event Date: 10 – 17 Dec

  1. During the event, adventurers may visit [Elia] at Prontera Square and donate different gems to her to win [Thin Snow Chest], [Cold Snow Chest], and [Frozen Snow Chest].
  2. Every day [Elia] requires two types of gems and her need changes day by day. Each player may donate each type of gems once per day.

Little Fairy’s Big Adventure

The Icy Festival has started. Play with Little Fairies to win prizes.

Event Date: 17 – 24 Dec

  1. During the event, adventurers whose base level is 12 or higher may accept the Little Fairy’s Big Adventure series of mini game tasks at [Prontera] Square. Complete each mini game to earn [Bright Crystal Gift Box] x1 and [Snow Kingdom Coin] x10. Every day there are 4 mini game tasks.
  2. During the event, the Icy Festival will be hosted at Prontera Square. Complete mini games to earn [Bright Crystal Gift Boxes] and [Snow Kingdom Coins] which can be used to redeem rewards.

Christmas Eve Parade

The Magic Mirror’s shards are successfully recycled. Snow Queen has nothing to worry about. [Frost] and Santa Claus has planned the festival parade together as the final program of the Icy Festival.

A lot of Marins have been drawn here by the magic of ice and snow. Please reduce the number of Marins to keep the parade route clear!

Event Date: 22 – 29 Dec

  1. During the event, a large number of Marin will appear at [Prontera West Gate] between 20:00 and 22:00 every day. [Christmas Eve Gift Boxes] will drop when adventurers defeat Marins. Each account may collect up to 1 [Christmas Eve Gift Box] per day.

Frost Gift

Thanks to our adventurers, the Icy Festival was held successfully. Having completed her mission, [Frost] is about to go back to the Snow Kingdom. To commemorate this encounter, she has something for our adventurers.

Event Date: 24 Dec – 4 Jan 2021

  1. During the event, adventurers may claim Snow Queen’s present [Frost’s Thank-you Gift] from [Frost] at Prontera Square.
  2. The gift claiming event is account-based.

Snow Kingdom’s Magic Card Bag [SEA Only]

Event Date: 10 Dec (5AM) – 17 Dec (5AM)

Snow Kingdom’s Magic Card Bag will be available in Big Cat Coin’s Store during the event period. Each pack at 30 Big Cat Coins, Limited to 60 packs purchased per account.

Snowland’s Magic Card Pack Content – Open to receive:

  • Gorgeous Card Album x1
  • Nolan Card x40-60
  • and one of the following: 75% Poker Album x1、20% Tarot Card Album x1、5% Ancient Magic Card Album x1,You’ll also have a 5% chance to get a Oracle Exclusive Card x1

Furniture Package [SEA Only]

Release on: 01 Dec (5AM)

Christmas Furniture (China’s 2019 release)

The Christmas Eve Wish [SEA Only]

Event Date: 24 Dec 5AM – 04 Jan 2021 5AM

Limited-Time Items in Gold Coin Shop:

Christmas Eve Wish I – Price: 15 Gold Coins, Purchase Limit: 100

Open to receive:

  • Mora Coins x10~20
  • Gram Dust x10~25
  • Zeny x50k~100k
  • and 0.2% chance to get Silver-Winged Reindeer Mount x1

Christmas Eve Wish II – Price: 30 Gold Coins,Purchase Limit: 100:

Open to receive:

  • Nolan Card x25~40
  • Gram Dust x15~30
  • Zeny x200k~400k
  • and 0.5% chance to get Silver-Winged Reindeer Mount x1

Silver-Winged Reindeer Mount (Can be listed on Exchange)

Adventure Support Pack [SEA Only]

Event Date: 27 Dec (5AM) – 04 Jan 2021 (5AM)

Price: $1.99
Purchase Limit: 3 per account
To be sold in re-charge shop

Adventure Support Pack 

Open to receive the following:

  • Pet Adventure Coupon x3
  • Magic Card Collection x1
  • Glittering Rune Stone – Star x1