The 4 Glacier 6 Knight build is a strong mid to late game strategy. It is particularly effective against magic damage due to the Knight shield (extra magic resist). For this reason it is often considered as the direct counter to Mages.

We’re going to list below the level 10 build lineup so you know what to aim for in the late game. The complete build is incredibly durable.

The Knight synergy provides additional armor and magic resist for your Knights. Lifesteal from the Warlock synergy complements this durability. Healing from Argali Knight and Soul Reaper adds even more regeneration, making this team incredibly hard to take down.

The Lineup

Argali Knight
Desperate Doctor
Dragon Knight
Evil Knight
Fortune Teller
Frost Knight
Hell Knight
Lightblade Knight
Soul Reaper
6( 6 / 6 )
0( 1 / 9 )
2( 2 / 6 )
1( 1 / 1 )
2( 2 / 6 )
4( 4 / 6 )
0( 1 / 6 )
2( 2 / 4 )
1( 1 / 1 )
0( 1 / 9 )

The Level 10 Build
Above is the level 10 lineup. Typically you do not want to rely on a build that relies on a high level to “come online”. However the strength of this build is that it is not weak before hitting its end game composition. In fact you will find several power spikes before you reach level 10 (more details below).

As for the Glacier pieces, you can temporarily use Defector and sub him out once you find the other 4 Glacier pieces. No Berserker? No problem, you can focus on your Lightblade Knight instead.


The complete Level 10 build boasts 7 Synergies. Attack speed from Glacier, Durability from Knight, Armor Reduction from Egersis, Life Steal from Warlock, Silence from Human, Player Damage Reduction from Priest and a bit of extra pure damage from Demon.

Specifically the Knight and Warlock synergies complement each other as they both help your pieces survive longer. The Glacier synergy provides this composition a much needed DPS boost.

This is important as this build doesn’t have AoE damage. This attack boost will help your team focusing down even the toughest frontliners, all whilst laughing off opposing backline damage.


Knights take time to generate their shields. For this reason you will want to place your pieces towards the back of the board. A boxed corner turtle strategy is one example of this.

In the above example, Hell Knight the primary tank is placed in the top right (most exposed) position. Glacier pieces are placed in the back row with Berserker in the bottom left (most protected) spot. Lightblade Knight sits in front of Berserker (also a very well protected position).

Soul Reaper/Frost Knight (both ranged pieces) can be placed in the middle. A melee piece in this spot would have a harder time engaging your opponent.

In the late game you may want to split your formation. Especially if your opponent has a Dark Spirit on the board. (Dark Spirit deals True Damage, which effectively ignores Knight shields).

Power Spikes

Level 7

At level 7 pick Frost Knight + 3 other Knights plus any 4 Glacier pieces. This will provide your team the (4) Glacier and (4) Knight synergy. As for the other Knights, ideally one of these should be Hell Knight as it is your primary tank.

Level 8

If you have a Desperate Doctor and Evil Knight, adding Soul Reaper will provide you the (2) Warlock and (2) Egersis synergy. The armor reduction from the Egersis synergy is a great complement for your physical damage focused team.

Level 9

This build has two choices at Level 9. They are centered around either having the (6) Knight or the (2) Warlock + (2) Egersis synergies.

(6) Knight
Obviously you will need all 6 Knights for this one. If you are missing one eg. Dragon Knight, you can go for the other option.

(2) Warlock + (2) Egersis
For this option you will need Soul Reaper and Desperate Doctor.

So which one to choose? Well, If you have a choice, you can also base your decision on which unit you have as a 2 Star (Dragon Knight vs Soul Reaper). Egersis is a great choice if you are coming up against a heavy armor build like warriors. Whilst the extra shield from 6 Knights will be especially useful against mage builds.


Straight onto your primary tank Hell Knight.

Either Lightblade Knight or Berserker. Many prefer Lightblade Knight as its glaive attack often outperforms Berserker.

Mana Regen
You won’t need refresher in this build. Instead split up your mana regen items. One on Dragon Knight will help him transform faster. After that Soul Reaper is a good candidate due to its low cool down. Other options are Desperate Doctor and Argali Knight. Lastly, if you really have more to spare Frost Knight is also a good pick due to its very low cool down.

You may want to avoid mana regen items on Fortune Teller. Not only does he have a high cooldown, you will want to ensure its skill isn’t cast too fast. This is because its “Life Extension” skill only protects your piece from death, not damage.

When To Build

Knights are great against Mages. Whilst the shield does provide armor, it only lasts a limited amount of time. This duration is therefore comparatively better at soaking up burst damage rather than something more sustained.

An early 2 Star Hell Knight is a great start for this build. It’s single target stun is especially effective during earlier rounds where players have limited pieces on the board.

When not to build? This build isn’t ideal against Feathered. Similar to other physical attack based builds, this one also has a hard time against evasion.

Looking for more? Check out this 4 Glacier 4 Knight Build.