Here are some awesome Zomboid Mods you can add to your favourite zombie survival game.

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Zuper Cart

Adds a trolly and supermarket shopping cart to the game. Makes transferring large amounts of loot much easier. A great quality of life mod to have.

Source: ZuperCart

Functional Appliances

Adds functionality to a variety of in game appliances making your end game base that much more comfortable:

  • Popcorn Machinese
  • Hotdog Machines
  • Soda Foundatins
  • Bar Taps and Kegs
  • Food Display Counters
  • Deep Friers
  • Pay Phones
  • Wall Clocks
  • Paper Towel and Napkin Dispensers

Source: Functional Appliances

Better Lockpicking with Skillbooks

Adds mini game for opening locked doors, windows and cars.

Just make sure you read the Lockpicking for dummies skill book. Locks can be picked with bobby pin + screwdriver or forced open with a crowbar.

Source: Better lockpicking

Little Yoschi’s Skillbooks

Adds a variety of skill books including one compatible with the Better Lockpicking mod:

  • Agility: Sprinting, Nimble, Lightfooted, Sneaking
  • Firearms: Aiming, Reloading
  • Lockpicking
  • Melee: Axe, Spear, Blunt, Small Blunt, Long Blade, Small Blade, Maintenance
  • Passive: Fitness, Strength

Also has an option to rename all vanilla skill books to match the new skill books for better sorting.

Source: LittleYoschi’s Skillbooks


Adds functionality to ladders and fire poles. Also adds craftable wooden and steel ladders.

Source: Ladders

Immersive Solar Arrays

Adds craftable solar panels for powering your base.

Source: Immersive Solar Arrays

Pumps Have Propane

Fill your propane trucks, tanks and torches at the gas pump.

Players use a good amount of propane for leveling metal working, building and repairing their vehicles. A great quality of life mod so you can have good amounts of propane.

Source: Pumps Have Propane

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