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Here are 10 Tips to help you consistently rank higher in Auto Chess Mobile.

So you’ve gotten the hang of the auto chess interface, understand the basics of how to play the game and no longer panic during that 20 second prepare phase. Now before you start looking into builds and positioning here are some general tips that will help you secure more wins.

1. Focus on 2 Star Pieces

During the early to mid game you should focus on building 2 Star Pieces. Don’t worry too much about synergy/build. Why? You will need 2 Star Pieces to help you survive the early to mid rounds. This leads to our next tip …

2. Fill Your Reserve

Especially in the early rounds you will want to buy pieces and keep them in your reserve. Why? Having pieces (especially pairs) in your reserve will increase the odds of you making that 2 star piece at the start of the next round. (You will need 3x One Star Pieces to combine). But why wait for rounds when you can roll? Well …

3. Avoid Rolling Early

Rolling for pieces in early rounds (say before level 6) can be a waste as you are often better off spending your gold elsewhere. Where you say? You will need that gold for purchasing pieces, both for your board but also for your hand (Fill Your Reserve). Furthermore, unlike purchasing pieces (which you can refund), rolling is a sunk cost. Once you spend it it’s gone. Instead, put that gold into building your economy.

4. Build That Economy

You can earn up to a maximum of 5 Gold Interest per round. This means you should aim to maintain 50 Gold Savings for as long as you can and as quickly as you can. Sometimes you will lose rounds. When you aren’t able to maintain a streak bonus your savings can help keep you from falling too far behind.

5. Managing Your Economy

Remember how we talked about filling your reserve? Well you should also keep in mind that interest is awarded every 10 gold. Therefore whilst it’s great to keep your reserve stocked you may want to hold back if it means getting that extra interest gold.

6. A Good Time to Level Up

Early levels will give your team a considerable boost in fighting power. This is because an additional piece carries more weight when you have limited pieces on your board. Furthermore, early levels require less EXP to level up.

Players therefore often choose to level up in round 5 where they can get to level 5 with a single purchase. Then at round 9 where they can reach level 6, again with a single purchase of EXP.

Note: On round 5 you will be at Level 4 with 0 EXP. On round 9 you will be at Level 5 with 4 EXP.

7. Your Opponent’s Economy

You can view your opponents gold savings by selecting the “hamburger icon” on the left hand side underneath the list of players. Knowing how healthy your opponents economy is relative to yours will give you an indication of how much you can afford to spend.

8. Avoid Forcing Builds

You’ve probably heard this one somewhere. Whilst it’s great to familiarize yourself with a build, it’s much better to be flexible (Know more than one build!). Why? Well Auto Chess does have a RNG element. Sometimes you just don’t roll the pieces you want (Or opponents take what you need). This will become even more important as the game adds more pieces to the pool. In an extreme case, you will be better off changing your strategy than competing against multiple players for the same pieces. Being able to play with the hand you are dealt with will help increase your average performance.

9. Selling Pieces

Don’t be afraid of selling your pieces. Selling will allow you to transition into your late game build. This means selling off those early 2 Star Pieces and replacing them with pieces (2 Star) that provide you with synergy buffs.

10. Fight To Survive

If you do end up on low health … say sub 20 HP. Its time to dig into those savings. Roll like crazy, get the next level, do whatever you can to stay in the game … and hope that you aren’t next on the chopping block. Sometimes you know you can’t win, in that scenario just try to get the highest rank possible.

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