This Ranger Guide forms part of the comprehensive ADL build guide that covers everything you need to know for progressing through the Archer job tree.

Alright so you’re finished with Peak Shards and your first Job Breakthrough. Now that you are Job Level 70 it’s time to transition to Ranger.

I have good news and bit of bad news. Lets start with the bad. Unfortunately the Ranger job doesn’t add any exciting skills to your Sniper.

If anything its going to feel like just an extension of Sniper as you will be spending much of your additional skill points on maxing your Sniper Skills.

The good news is that these additional skills will give your DPS another massive boost. Taking you one step closer to becoming that damage carry every MVP party needs.

Oh and you’ll be able to ride a giant wolf. It’s pretty damn cool.

Not there yet? Check out our ADL Sniper Guide

Ranger Stat Distribution

Alright by now you should have unlocked Ymir’s Notebook for unlimited free resets. If you haven’t done so you should probably complete it as its very useful for respeccing your character.

You will be following the Max Atk Speed strategy as introduced in the ADL Sniper Guide. The aim is to:

  1. Max your Atk Speed (480 ASPD)
  2. Max Dex
  3. Place remaining stats into Luk

Note: If you are using the Malang build make sure to first meet the Luk requirements of your bow and Sniping Suit.

At level 120 you will have enough stats to have the max 119 Dex as well as enough AGI for max ASPD and have plenty of stats left for Luk.


Below are skill allocations for the ADL Ranger. You can follow the recommended order for allocating your skill points.

Note: Job Level 41-60 will require Job Breakthrough – Death Breath currency

Improve Concentration
20+10 Agi
+10 Dex
+10 Luk
+10 Crit
+10% Crit.Dmg
Ferity Awakening
10+30% Chance to Crit & Trigger Beast when target HP < 50%
Warg Rider
3Can ride summoned ward for +30% Move Speed
Fear Breeze
10Auto Attack has 100% chance to trigger one more attack.
(Does not Crit or have special effects)
20+120 Beast Dmg
Blitz Beat
20Wild Beast has 5% Chance to deal Neutral Dmg (Ignore Def)
Nature's Protection
10+5% Skill Dmg Reduction.
+1% M.Def for every 10 Int

If you are Job Level 60 you will have 7 Skill points left over. Feel free to allocate the remainder wherever you wish.

A few things to note:

  • Fear Breeze has a lower priority as it does not crit. As an ADL Ranger your damage output on stronger monsters heavily relies on the Crit’s complete ignore defense property. Your normal attacks will do little damage.
  • Warg Rider is very useful for traversing the world. You’ll likely find it more useful than you first expect.
  • Beastmastery and Blitz Beat take a lower priority as your character’s damage will greatly outperform your beast damage.

This skill setup is for the basic ADL Ranger build. Ready for Exceed Break. Check out our guide!


By now you should have decided between the Malang vs Mysterybow. Below is a list of recommended gear for each set.

SlotMalang SetMystery SetCard
WeaponMalang Snow Crab [2]Mystery Bow [2]Various
Off-handNile's Bracelet [1]Nile's Bracelet [1]Various
ArmorSniping Suit [1]Ranger Clothes [1]Archer Skeleton Star Card
(Str +2, Atk +5%)
GarmentsUndershirt [1]Blueeve Cape [1]Baphomet Jr Card
(Agi +2, Crit +5)
FootgearsAdvanced Sack Teddy Shoes [1]Advanced Sack Teddy Shoes [1]Male Their Bug Card
(Atk Spd +3%)
Accessory**Brooch/Glove [1]Brooch/Glove [1]Greatest General Card
(Auto atk has 3% chance +10% Dmg)
Accessory**Fairy in Bottle [1]Fairy in Bottle [1]Zipper Bear Star Card
(Hit +10, Atk +3%, M.Atk +3%)
HeadwearGolden Antenna [1]Golden Antenna [1]Andre Star Card
(Pen +3%, +3% Ignore Def when Str or Dex reaches 225)
FaceEye of DawnEye of Dawnn/a
MouthBlow GunBlow Gunn/a
TailMarchosais' TailMarchosais' Tailn/a

A few things to note:

  • Malang Snow Crab and Mystery Bow can be upgraded with weapon synthesis to make Overlord Crab Bow and Bow of the Wind Chaser
  • Brooch and Glove can be upgraded to AGI Pin and Dogtooth Gloves however you may want to wait until you have the materials to slot them.
  • For your second accessory card you may also use Kobold Card for +10 Crit however its likely you will have enough from your Luk. Alternatively you may use the various race modifier cards available.
  • Dragon Scale Stripe is another face alternative, but Eye of Dawn is free.
  • Firmament Horn (gacha item) is a superior headwear however Golden Antenna is free.
  • Marchosais’ Tail can be replaced with Guts Wing or Windperch Drake however they are also both gacha items.

Upgrading Gear


  • Prioritize double slotting your weapon.
  • Delay upgrading to Sniping Suit/Ranger Clothes and Advanced Sack Teddy Shoes until you can afford to slot them.
  • Both Nile’s Bracelet and Fairy in Bottle only cost 5x of that item to slot but to get the most out of them you will need a variety of cards.
  • Slotting Dogtooth Gloves and AGI Pin is extremely expensive, stick with Glove and Brooch and leave this upgrade at the bottom of your checklist.

Make the most out of your slots with this list of cards that increase your damage.

Aim for at least +5 for your accessories as there is a “hidden” refine bonus damage multiplier (You can read more about it here).

On top of this there are key upgrade milestones that will give significant boosts to your damage:

  • +10 Malang/Mystery Bow
  • +10 Ranger Clothes
  • +10 Nile’s Bracelet

Sniping suit instead gives a Crit Dmg boost from meeting a Luk requirement.

Enchanting is extremely important. Here’s a few notes that require emphasis:

  1. Getting good enchantments is one of the hardest things in Ragnarok Mobile.
  2. If possible you should try to snap equipment with good enchantments from the exchange (this will save your mora coins for more enchanting).
  3. Good enchantments will make a massive difference between attack damage.
  4. Mystery Bow relies more on specific enchantments than Malang to be powerful.

In general if you are using Malang you will want Dmg Inc enchantments. For Mystery it would be Crit Dmg.

Here are some recommended enchantments (you may recognize this from the ADL Sniper Guide) for each equipment slot and the highest stat you can aim for (not an exhaustive list):

SlotEnchantment4th Enchant
WeaponCrit Dmg +10%
Phy Dmg Inc +4%
Atk +40
Dex +10
Arch Dex + Hit Effect
Ranged Atk Inc. 10%

Sharp Agi + Luk
Effect Crit Dmg Inc +20%
HeadCrit Dmg +10%
Atk +60
Dex +10
Zeal ASPD + Crit Dmg
Effect Auto Atk Dmg Inc +10%
FaceCrit Dmg +10%
Phy Dmg Inc +4%
Atk +60
MouthCrit Dmg +10%
Atk +60
Zeal ASPD + Crit Dmg
Effect Auto Atk Dmg Inc +10%
BackAtk +60Sharp Agi + Luk
Effect Crit Dmg Inc +20%
TailPhy Dmg Inc +4%
Atk +60
Dex +10
Arch Dex + Hit
Effect Ranged Atk Inc. 10%
ArmorCrit Dmg +10%
Phy Dmg Inc +4%
Atk +40
Dex +10
Arch Dex + Hit
Effect Ranged Atk Inc. 10%

Sharp Agi + Luk
Effect Crit Dmg Inc +20%
GarmentCrit Dmg +10%
Phy Dmg Inc +4%
Atk +40
FootwearCrit Dmg +10%
Phy Dmg Inc +4%
Atk +40
AccessoryCrit Dmg +10%
Phy Dmg Inc +4%
Atk +40

Off-hand enchantments are introduced in Episode 6


In the ADL Sniper guide we suggested upgrading to the Mandragora Seed Pet for the extra 10 Crit. However you will eventually find that you will have more than enough points in Luk for 100% crit rate.

F2P Options
Consider upgrading to the Baphomet Jr pet. It can provide +5% Crit Damage and 5% Move Speed.

Zherlthsh is even better (but also more expensive to obtain). Get it by by fusing a Succubus and Incubus pet. It can provide up to +2% Pen and +40 Atk.

It may take a few Talent Fruits to get the maximum skill rolls but it’s worth the investment.

Paid Alternative
Alternatively if you were lucky enough to get your hands on a Skewer Pet during the Rune Midgard Cooking Campaign Event. You can fuse it into the Ferocious Ghost pet which provides +5% Atk and ASPD (this buff can stack 2 times).


MonsterLevelSizePropertyWeakness (Converter)(Base+Job Exp)/HPNotable DropsSuggested Location
Penomena105MWater/FishWind0.024Crystal BoneClock Tower B1
Harpy119MWindEarth0.020Harpy Feather**Border Checkpoint
Quve124SUndeadFire/Holy0.015Black VeilMisty Forest
Dullahan127MUndeadFire/Holy0.015Rotting RopeHamelin
Lude129SUndeadFire, Holy0.014Green SlimeSkellington
**Harpy has good raw zeny however their feathers don't sell well

As you can see many of the suggestions are Episode 5 Niflheim Monsters. If you are up to Episode 6 feel free to check out the Lighthalzen monsters.

You will roughly be between Base Level 105-120 as a Ranger.

Keep in mind the level penalty.