This Auto Chess Patch features balance changes to a couple of chess pieces and a tweak to the Beast synergy.

Patch Notes


a/ Chess piece

  1. Poisonous Worm: the magical resistance of the summoned Poisonous Worm Guards is 80% (instead of 100%)
  2. Tortola Elder: with Kamehameha, he deals [300/500/800] damage in maximum (instead of [300/450/500])
  3. The Source: with Awaken, she restores [10/15/20] Mana (instead of [8/14/20]) for all allies in every 2 seconds
  4. Flame Wizard: with Laguna Blade, the ability CD time is [8/6/4] seconds (instead of [10/7.5/5])

b/ Race

  1. Beast (6): the enemy will take 20 extra Physical Damage (instead of Magical Damage) when attacked by an ally who benefits from the Beast Synergy


  1. Louis Deluxe Box
  2. Wolf chest & Lord of Tundra chest
  3. Glacier gathering place [chessboard]


  1. New [Item Redeem] event


  1. Corrected the register conditions for the Weekly Championship
  2. Fixed the game crash problem when battling (including using the Auto function) in the Duo mode
  3. Fixed the issue where you might be able to combine the Items on the chess pieces that have been shared with you in the Duo mode