If you host an Among Us game you can change the game settings by using the computer in the waiting lobby. Adjust settings like the number of imposters, confirm ejects, visual tasks, kill cooldown, long/short tasks, discussion time and more.

Before You Start

Some settings must be changed before you create your lobby. There include:

  1. Map Choice
  2. Number of Imposters
  3. Max Players

Yup, that means if you need to increase or decrease the number of imposters you’ll have to recreate the match.

The Details

After you enter the lobby you can interact with the “computer” (See Above) and pick the “Game” tab to customize more game settings.

Here’s what you can adjust:

  1. Confirm Ejects
  2. Number of Emergency Meetings
  3. Emergency Cooldown
  4. Discussion Time
  5. Voting Time
  6. Player Speed
  7. Crewmate Vision
  8. Kill Cooldown
  9. Kill Distance
  10. Visual Tasks
  11. Number of Common Tasks
  12. Number of Long Tasks
  13. Number of Short Tasks

Confirm Ejects is whether or not the game will reveal if an imposter has been voted off. Personally I enjoy the challenge of not knowing.