Episode 5 Midnight Party adds the 3rd Job Breakthrough to Ragnarok Mobile. Players can collect Death’s Breath (BoD – Breath of Death) to extend their character to Job Level 60.

Similar to the 2nd Job Breakthrough the additional points can be used to extend certain Job Skills beyond their previous maximum level cap (this time for 3rd job skills).

However instead of Peak Shards, this time players will require Death’s Breath to unlock their additional job levels.

Let’s take a look at unlocking this Breakthrough and what you need to do to get more Death’s Breath.

Unlock 3rd Job Breakthrough

Morroc – Lester Lighthouse – Umbala – Hvergelmir

Once you reach 3rd Job Level 40 the quest “Death’s Breath” will be available. It will ask you to head to Hvergelmir (See Above) to speak with a Mysterious Woman.

Speak to her to start the quest chain. The tasks are pretty straight forward, the majority of it is running around, speaking with NPCs and killing a few mobs. She will at some point quiz you, here are the answers to her questions:


Q: Okay, then can you tell me, where is the twisted souls gathered in the Forest of Mist?
A: The graveyard

Q: So, the twisted souls are gathered in the graveyard. I understand now. Then do they have a leader?
A: Yes

Q: They really do have a mysterious leader! Then did get get any information about their weakness from the Dead souls?
A: The Power of the Sp…

The “Mysterious Girl” will eventually reveal herself as Lenneth (Peak Breakthrough NPC). The last thing to do is to head back to Umbala to speak with Bandor about how to obtain Death’s Breath.

Congrats on reaching 3rd Job Breakthrough. You will now have a new item in your inventory called “Obsidian Crystal”.

Unlock Levels

Once you have the required number of Death’s Breath go visit Lenneth (Hvergelmir – See Above) again and she will unlock additional Job Levels for your character.

Guide: How to get Death’s Breath