How to unlock Multi-Job in Ragnarok Mobile and get permanent stat bonus, when to make use of this feature and what happens when you make the switch.

The Multi-Job feature allows player characters to access all of Ragnarok Mobile’s available classes. This is great for players that want to play a different class as they do not have to start from scratch.

Why Switch?

There are many reasons why players may want to take advantage of the Multi-Job feature. Here are a few instances where you may want to consider making the switch:

  • Maxed Level: Whether you’re at level cap or limited by job breakthrough, switching means your EXP from farming won’t go to waste.
  • PvP vs PvE: All jobs have their strengths and weaknesses. Some excel at PvE (Farming) and others are comparatively stronger at PvP.
  • New Class Additions: Ragnarok Mobile added a new job? Want to play it? Multi-Job has you covered.
  • Permanent Stat Bonus: More on this below.
  • Simply bored: The change can add a fresh game experience.

Unlocking Your New Job

Multi-Job is unlocked once your character completes their 2nd Job Transcendent (T2) job change quest. Eg. Lord Knight, High Wizard, Assassin Cross, Sniper, High Preist etc.

The Cost
Unlocking a new job will cost 88 BCC (if new job is from a different job tree compared to your character’s main job) or 500,000 Zeny if switching to a job in your character’s main job tree (ie has same 1st job).

To unlock your new job first open up your job tree menu (Third tab after opening your character profile: See Above). You can click through each tab to see details on each job.

Tip: To easily browse all available jobs click the “View all jobs” button (See Above)

Decided on what job you want? Complete the switch by selecting the “plus icon” on the job icon of your choice. You will be prompted how much it will cost. Now confirm the purchase and you’re done.

Switching Back and Forth

Now that you have unlocked your new job you will need to switch to it. Switching between any of your jobs (including to your main one) will cost 10,000 Zeny.

Tip (Ymir’s Notebook): If you have unlocked Ymir’s Notebook, you can use it to switch for free by saving an instance of your character. Don’t forget to keep an instance of your main job so you can also switch back for free.

Double Tip (Job Potions): To use Ymir’s Notebook you will need 2nd Job (Eg. Knight, Wizard, Hunter, Preist etc) for the character you are wishing to save an instance for. If you have Job Potions, you can use them to quickly level and meet this requirement (only needed if switching to another job tree)

What Will Happen After You Switch

Here’s what happens when you switch to your newly unlocked job:

Base Level/Stats
Unchanged. You will need to reallocate your stats.

Job Level/Skills
If switching to job in same job tree, reset to Job Level 40. Otherwise reset to Job Level 1. You will need to reallocate your skills.

Aeisr Monument
Keep all Guild Contribution Points and Gold Medals, however have to reallocate runes. Aeisr Monument advanced tiers are locked until applicable job upgrades are reached.

Guild Blessings and Pray to Goddess

Job Breakthrough
Progress carried over.

Incompatible equipment will be unequipped.

When you switch to an existing Multi-Job your stat, skill, guild rune allocations and equips will be maintained.

Permanent Stat Bonus

Permanent stat bonuses are available for each 2nd Job Transcendent (T2) and 3rd Job you unlock. Here’s a list of the bonus stats you will receive for unlocking the following jobs:

Lord Knight, CreatorStr +4
Rune Knight, GeneticStr +6
Paladin, High Preist, Advanced NoviceVit +4
Royal Guard, Archbishop, Super NoviceVit +6
High Wizard, ChampionInt +4
Warlock, ShuraInt +6
Assassin Cross, Clown, GypsyAgi +4
Guillotine Cross, Minstrel, WandererAgi +6
Stalker, WhitesmithLuk +4
Shadow Chaser, MechanicLuk +6
Sniper, Professor, SummonerDex +4
Ranger, Sorcerer, Spirit SummonerDex +6