Ragnarok Mobile EP6.0 update has been announced for the Global server. It will introduce the new town Lighthalzen for players to explore. Let’s take a look at what to expect.

Global Update – 16 Jan 2020

SEA Update – 30 Oct 2019

New Content

  1. Super Novice Class
  2. New Mounts for all Classes
  3. Thanatos Tower (12-player instance)
  4. Lighthalzen Town and Field with new monsters and MVPs
  5. Additional Bio Lab Maps
  6. Advanced Rune System
  7. Housing System
  8. Additional Pets
  9. Armor Synthesis
  10. Base level cap increased to Lv. 130
  11. Job level cap increased to Lv. 70 (3rd Job)
  12. Off-hand enchantment
  13. Ability to deposit Equipment in Handbook
  14. Changes to Mentor System

The above list isn’t exhaustive however covers the significant changes and additions we are to expect in Episode 6. More details will be available once the update is released.

Changes to Stamina

The change will half the daily stamina (from 300min to 150min) with drop rates (+220%) and lightning chains (from 60min to 30min) adjusted accordingly.

Essentially this means players won’t have to spend as much real world time on using up their daily stamina/sitting around listening to music.

This will align Global’s game experience in line with the other Ragnarok Mobile servers including SEA.