This Auto Chess Patch includes chess piece balance changes, a slight nerf to the Goblin synergy and a few tweaks to items.

Patch Notes


1. Chess piece

Warpwood Sage:

  • now his Max HP is 700/1400/2700 (instead of 650/1300/2300)
  • Leech Seed: Deals 12.5/18.75/25 Magical damage to a random enemy piece within 3 grids every 0.25 seconds, and recovers his own HP based on damage dealt for 5 seconds.

Wisper Seer:

  • Nature’s Call: Summons 1 Treant/2 strong Treants/2 powerful Treants to random grids on the edge of the chessboard to assist in battle.

Frostblaze Dragon:

  • Icebound Wall: now deals 200/300/400 Magical damage (instead of 100/200/300)

Lightblade Knight

  • Moon Glaives: now the Base attacks bounce between enemies for 3/6/9 times (instead of 3/4/5)

2. Race & Class


– Goblin (6): now grants all Allies +12 Armor (instead of 15)

3. Item


  • when the shield disappeared or being destroyed, now deals [60% of the damage absorbed] Pure damage (instead of [100 + 20% of the damage absorbed] Magical damage) to enemies within 5 grids

Heart of Tarrasque:

  • now increases 550 HP (instead of 400)

Pulse Staff (Level 1&2):

  • newly added effect: has an initial CD of 2 seconds when the battle begins


  1. New “Redeem” event
  2. New “Total Purchase” event (starts at 16:00 on 03.08 UTC)
  3. New arrivals in the Store
  4. Adjusted Sign-in Rewards
  5. Updated some Gacha

Previous Patch – 19 Feb 20

Next Patch – 18 Mar 20