assistant ragnarok mobile

The Ragnarok Mobile Assistant is a great tool for checking whether you have completed your daily routine. Additionally the assistant also provides you daily rewards for completing these tasks. It also provides free to play players a consistent way of collecting Big Cat Vouchers.

Unlock the Assistant

ragnarok mobile prontera north castle entrance

You can unlock the assistant once you reach Level 20. First head to the northern area of Prontera and enter the Castle.

ragnarok mobile choose assistant

There you will find two NPCs dressed in formal attire, ready to serve. Choose wisely … just kidding either will do (you can always switch later).

Daily Tasks

ragnarok mobile assistant daily tasks

Complete daily tasks to increase intimacy to get those tasty blue and pink Big Cat Vouchers.

TaskTotal Intimacy
Mission Board25 (5pt per 2 quests)
Monster Resistance10 (5pt per quest)
Time Rift15 (5pt per quest)
Combat Time15 (5pt per 100 stamina)
Training Ground10
Pet Adventure15
Pet Labor5
Guild Donations10
Listen to music5
Eat Food10
1 Kill in Arena Duel15
205x Adventure Meatball
4020x Eden Coins
601x Pink Big Cat Voucher
8010,000 zeny
1001x Blue Big Cat Voucher